March 30, 2008

New baby name polls!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite baby girl and baby boy names on the new polls! Also, feel free to suggest names we haven't listed yet if you think of any!

Week 10 Update!

Today I am officially 10 weeks pregnant and I am now carrying a fetus as opposed to an embryo! The baby looks like a human now, no more tail or webbed fingers, but he/she is still very small, about the size of a kumquat, and weighs less than 1/4 of an ounce.

My next OB appointment is next Tuesday and I've got my 1st screen ultrasound on the 15th. The most notable change since my last appointment is that I'm actually showing! It's just a little bump right now, but it's enough to get me into stretchy pants and some maternity wear. Most people don't start to show this early but I imagine it has to do with how short I am. I just hope I'm still able to stand upright by my 3rd trimester.

March 21, 2008

Appointment Updates!

Nothing too exciting going on right now in pregnancy land! Just the usual exhaustion, headaches, and a little nausea. My next OB appointment is scheduled for April 8th and at that appointment I'll get the results of my blood tests back and they'll do all that "fun" stuff like the pelvic exam and pap smear. On April 15th I get to go back and have a 3D ultrasound! They do this ultrasound for the purpose of genetic screening and it's completely covered by insurance. I'll know on the 15th whether or not there's a possibility the baby has any genetic defects such as Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 18. I originally opted out of doing this screening because I was scared that I might find out something could be wrong with the baby, but I really want this extra ultrasound just so I can see the baby again since I enjoyed the first one so much!! Hopefully we'll find out that everything is fine and it will put my mind at ease for the next several months. Of course, if we find out something could be wrong, we'll just spend the next few months learning about how to take care of the little one to the best of our ability!

Please pray that baby Harris is healthy, growing and developing well!

March 13, 2008

Baby Harris' 1st Picture!

The large white portion of this picture is my uterus and the black portion in the middle is fluid. Baby Harris is the little white blob in the middle of the black. The circle on the left is the yolk sac which will eventually turn into the placenta. We think baby's head is to the right of the yolk sac, but the head is hard to determine at this point. The darker white balls on the top and bottom are the limb buds where the arms and legs will soon develop. Baby H is only about the size of a butter bean at this point!

OB Appointment

Ryan and I went in for my first OB appointment this morning at 9am. I could hardly sleep last night anticipating the appointment and chance to see our baby for the first time!! After taking down our medical history, they took 4 vials of blood, my weight and blood pressure. I was very happy that I hadn't gained any weight since my last visit in January when I was there for my annual gyno exam and my blood pressure was perfect.

After all that we went into the ultrasound room and got ready to see baby Harris for the first time! [picture added in post above] It was such an amazing thing to soon as the Nurse Gigi told us what we were actually seeing! She pointed out the little limb buds (the 4 darker white circles on each side of the big white blob) where our baby's arms and legs will soon develop. We even got to see the little heart and watch it beat! I immediately teared up because at that moment it became so real to me. Much to our surprise, we were even able to hear the heart beat for a little while, a feeling that is just indescribable!

Nurse Gigi measured baby Harris and he/she measured up exactly with the date of my last period. According to that method I am currently 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant and the ultrasound took baby H's measurement and calculated that he/she was 7 weeks and 4 days old! We all thought it was pretty neat that baby Harris is growing right to scale!

In addition to baby's age, the ultrasound calculated a due date of October 26, 2008! October is a very busy birthday month for both the Harris and Banks family so we're looking forward to adding another October birthday in there this year!!!

March 7, 2008

Quick Update

The nausea is starting to kick in unfortunately, but I haven't thrown up yet. Still, it makes ya feel pretty miserable and I never know when it's going to come on, so leaving the house makes me feel a bit nervous sometimes. Also, Ryan just bought me a treadmill yesterday to set up in the living room. I'm going to try to walk about 5 miles a day on it to try to keep in shape during the pregnancy, atleast while I can still walk and breathe at the same time! Stefania and I have also decided to 'pregnancy walk' downtown on the weekends for fun and exercise. I've definately got to be careful with what I eat and make sure I exercise now more than ever because I am only supposed to gain about 15-20 lbs. during the next 9 months and as of right now I am exhausted all the time and constantly hungry!

In other news, I'm thrilled with the responses we've gotten in our baby name polls! Keep voting for your favorites and if you think of any other great names that we don't have, start a comment on the name post and maybe we'll add it to the next poll. Don't forget we need middle names too!

P.S.- Hudson and Holly are our favorite names right now. Remember to say the names with Harris at the end for the full effect. We happen to love the double H sound. :)

March 4, 2008

Vote for your favorite names!

Be sure to look in the left panel and vote for your favorite girl and/or boy names! We've got a list with tons more names on it so we hope to change up the polls every few weeks. Just let us know your favorites and which ones we should definately keep around!

March 1, 2008

Ben & Tonya's Baby Shower

Today was Ben & Tonya's couples baby shower at Megan & Gerald's house in Central. We had a really great time and the food & decorations were wonderful. Tonya & Ben got a bunch of great stuff for Baby Johnson. She's due to have her sweet baby boy at the end of April!! We can't wait to meet the little guy!


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