June 29, 2008

We're Registered!

What a loooong day!! We went to Babies R Us today and spent about 4 hours registering for baby stuff. It started out pretty fun and we were having a great time looking at all the cute stuff. Unfortunately, 2 hours in we realized we weren't even halfway through the store and began to get a little tired and irritable. :) However, as we were leaving the store around 6:30pm, we were very relieved to finally be done and really excited about all the stuff we put on our list.

We're still trying to find our stroller and car seat, but hope to have one decided on soon. With me being so short, a lot of the travel systems were just a little too big and bulky. I think I took about every one in the store on a "test drive!"

To take a look at the registry, go to www.babiesrus.com and search for either me or Ryan. Let us know if you think we need to add anything that new parents just can't live without!

June 27, 2008

Cutest stationery on the planet!!

My friend Kristy blogged that she found a really great website that offered personalized stationery and note cards, so I just had to check it out! I was so impressed that I ordered some myself and got the proof in my e-mail today. I can't wait to use these note cards as thank you's for all those baby shower gifts we'll be getting in the near future! If you're in the market for some cute and original stationery, click on the link below! http://www.sugarlumpstationary.com/

June 20, 2008

It's Almost Time!


I found the picture on top while doing a search for Cheagles (Chihuahua +Beagle) online and I think I might have found Lucy's long lost brother (or sister). Aren't they too cute!?

If you ever wondered what a bunch of patent attorneys looked like...

I just thought I'd post a quick picture of Ryan since he kinda gets left off of here a lot. :) This is from Parks' wedding a few weekends ago. Parks works with Ryan and I took this picture of all the Dority & Manning attorneys that attended the wedding along with the groom himself. From left to right we've got Rodney, Doug, Parks, Ryan, Eric & Alan. Doesn't my husband look good in a suit! :)

Appointment Update - June 19th

I had another OB appt. yesterday afternoon and everything went well! My blood pressure is back to normal, so no cause for concerns there. I've gained 13 lbs. so far in the pregnancy which was a little shocking to me, but the Dr. said I'm still doing good. Apparently baby has been almost doubling in size every week, but his growth is finally starting to slow down now. Hopefully so will my weight gain!

The Dr. looked at all the ultrasound pictures from last week and said that everything looks wonderful! It's always such a relief to hear things like that. We listened to baby's heartbeat and Dr. Keith commented on how active he was in there! I told her he hardly ever stops moving and some of his little kicks and punches are getting borderline uncomfortable (especially when he kicks my bladder!). His heart is beating strong at about 145 bpm, which has been pretty consistent over the past several weeks. Finally, the Dr. measured the size of my baby bump with a tape measure. She measures in centimeters and the size of your belly in cent. should coincide with how many weeks you are along in the pregnancy. I measured 21.5 centimeters and I'll be 22 weeks on Sunday, so everything checked out!

My next appointment is scheduled for July 10th, and at this appointment they're going to do a routine check for anemia and gestational diabetes. I'm a little nervous about these results even though I know I shouldn't be. Ryan calls me a hypochondriac and I guess to an extent I can be sometimes. I'll just be glad to know for sure in a few weeks!

June 16, 2008

Pictures from our big ultrasound day!

I hate this picture, but Ryan loves it and was so excited to capture the exact moment we found out that baby Harris was a boy on camera...so I'm going to post it to make him happy! (Please ignore the white belly, you can't tan while pregnant!!) :)

This is me outside our house after the ultrasound. I'm 20 weeks and 2 days along here.

June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I know this is a few days early, but Ryan and I have decided to spend our Father's Day weekend in Clemson and I probably won't be able to post on Sunday. We decided last minute that we needed a weekend away and a few nights to ourselves with no interruptions...kind of a mental health weekend! We're staying at the Madren Center tonight and tomorrow night and Ryan's going to play golf with Ben and some friends on Saturday while I hopefully get to spend some time with Tonya and baby Tyler!! We're just looking forward to getting out of Greenville for a few days, seeing our favorite new parents the Johnson's, and taking some time on Sunday to roam around our favorite college town! We worry that come October we won't be able to just pack up and head out of town on a last minute trip, so we're getting it all out of our systems now! Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!!

June 12, 2008

It's a boy! (cont'd.)

I didn't have much time to write last night after we finally got home, so I just posted the biggest news. In other news, we are SO excited to be having a little boy and the ultrasound was really fun! Surprisingly, the technician knew within 5 seconds that baby was going to be a little boy. He was positioned just perfectly! We've got some cute pictures of baby boy Harris that I'll scan soon and be able to post. Unfortunately, he was quite the active one so many of them are a little blurry.

As for the rest of the anatomy scan, baby checked out wonderfully! Everything was there and growing accordingly. His brain and spine were great, we saw the little heart which was beating at 148 bpm. All organs were accounted for and appearing normal. He measured at exactly 20 weeks, which is 2 days smaller than the actual pregnancy and weighed in close to 12 ounces. Hopefully this means that baby boy Harris will remain an average sized baby and pose no complications that might lead to a ceasarian birth. The technician mentioned that you can most likely predict a baby's size based on the average of the mother and father's birth weights. With me at 6 lbs. and Ryan at 8 lbs., hopefully baby Harris will be born at around 7 lbs.

As for me, the only concern was that my blood pressure was a little higher at this visit than it has been on average. Hopefully this was simply because I was anxious and excited and not a real threat. I go back to see Dr. Keith next Thursday where we'll get another blood pressure reading and talk more in detail about the potential risk of preeclampsia. It was only a tiny jump, so hopefully it was just nerves and nothing more serious.

In other news, baby H has been moving all over the place and remains very very active! I can feel him move around many times throughout the day, especially when I'm sitting still reading or lying down. I've read many times that active babies in the womb are usually healthy babies, so I welcome each and every kick and poke he gives me!

We look forward to posting more soon about our sweet little boy! Daddy is super excited to be having a little guy to play sports with and take to Clemson games and hopefully I can get him to write a quick entry one of these days!! :)

June 10, 2008

It's almost here!

Tomorrow is the big day and I can hardly wait! I had a pretty convincing dream the other night that we were having a girl, so I can't wait to find out for certain so the shopping, naming and decorating can begin!! Our friends Charley & Stefania found out last week that they were having a little girl and we're super excited for them!! I still think there's a stronger probability that we're having a boy due to genetics and the fact that boys are more common in the US, but I guess it's really a 50/50 chance. Everyone keeps asking me which sex I prefer and I honestly don't know and I think Ryan has been going back and forth too. Of course the only thing we truly wish for is that we have a happy and healthy baby!

Of course, as soon as we get done with our appointment and make it home tomorrow evening I will update everyone with the news!

June 1, 2008

Me at 19 weeks!

Here's a few pictures of me and baby H from this weekend at my friends Aaron & Jeff's wedding!


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