January 15, 2014

Naked Elves

I went to pick the boys up from preschool one day last week and Austin's teacher stopped me for a chat.  It was a couple days after the big "winter blast" of 2014.  Which was basically just a couple days where the temps got down into the single digits and schools were delayed because it was.....cold.  Not icy or snowy...just cold.

But anyway, apparently Austin's teacher and the preschool director were in his class and having a quick chat about the chilly temperatures when Austin piped up and told them that his daddy had told him all about the "naked elves."  Feeling confused, they continued to ask him what he was talking about and he insisted he knew all about the "naked elves."  This apparently went on for a few more minutes until one of them finally realized he was saying negatives...as in temperatures below 0.  I got a small chuckle when I heard the story but in reality I was just confused at how two preschool teachers could confuse the word negatives with naked elves.  

On the ride home I asked Austin what it was called when the temperature went below zero and sure enough, all I could hear was "naked elves!"  At that point the story went from slightly amusing to hilarious as I couldn't stop thinking about what in the world his teachers must have thought of us teaching our kids about naked elves!!

And while we're certainly not naked, take a look at this fine family of dancing elves!!

January 4, 2014

Blue Eyed Boy

Mom called him "Mista Blue Eyes."
She also called those baby blues "ladykillers."

If only she could see him now!!

January 3, 2014

Hearts, rainbows and tiger paws!

Austin and Owen are not the sleeping-in type.  I usually open my eyes around 7 am to see one of their cute wide-eyed faces staring right back at me hollering "good morning mommy, get up."  They don't even have to walk very far to wake me up seeing as how at least half the time one of them sneaks into my bed in the wee hours of the morning, flails their arms and legs about and then settles in so close to me that it pushes me to the very outer edge of my king sized bed.  (I complain about it a lot, but secretly I kind of love it.)

However, I AM the sleeping in type, considering my bedtime is usually around 1-2 am, I find it almost impossible to get my legs working before 7:45.  Austin, being the mature 5 year old that he is, understands this and will entertain himself for a half hour or so in the mornings by either turning on the tv, coloring or stealing my phone to play games.  Owen will often stay in bed and cuddle with me until it's time to get up, or on some mornings he'll go find his brother to play.  Some of their best brotherly bonding moments seem to happen before 8 am.  

This morning Austin woke me up before 7 am and I groggily told him to hop in my bed and that we'd get up when the sun came up.  He declined (he's never been one for cuddling) and said he was going to go color.  I never heard Owen get up but they both came into my room around 7:30 am with a mountain of pictures they'd drawn for their favorite football player, Clemson's quarterback, #10, Tajh Boyd.  

Tonight is the Orange Bowl and Tajh's last game of his college career so they thoughtfully drew him pictures to say "thanks" and "we'll miss you..."

...on the cardboard cake plates I bought for making baby shower diaper cakes.

Hearts, rainbows and tiger paws!
(Owen did the two on the right, he's still not big on coloring yet.)

Christmas morning this year, Santa brought them matching #10 jerseys.  
They've hardly taken them off since!

Go Tigers!

January 2, 2014

Rainy Day

Ryan went back to work today after almost 2 weeks off for the holidays.  It was a yucky and rainy day and the disaster that is my house right now was making me more depressed.  I called/texted no less than 7 friends to get together a playdate but no one was quite feeling it today.  (Note to self...give friends more than a half hours notice when you want to hang out.)

We ended up doing the only thing I could think of that would help the boys release some of their pent up energy while being indoors...we went to Monkey Joes.  Sure they'll have a cold for the next two weeks now, but it was fun.  It also reminded me how thankful I am that the boys are so close in age since they pretty much ran around and played with each other the entire time.  I often forget how great it is that they're only 18 months apart since 50% of the time they're together they're fighting or arguing over a toy.  The other 50% of the time they're best friends though, so it makes it all worth it!


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