October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

...and Happy Birthday, Papa!

October Morning

The Harris's and The Bondurants enjoyed a lovely fall morning at Sky Top Apple Orchard this weekend.  Are those not the 2 cutest 2 year olds you've ever seen?

October 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures

There's nothing like a delicious Halloween cookie and a Yoohoo on a lovely October afternoon!
(Thank you Mimi and Papa for our Halloween cookies surprise!)

October 26, 2010

Two Terrific Teeth

I thought that big gummy grin was too precious for words....

...but this takes the cake!


I did this awhile ago and completely forgot to let y'all know!!  
We've got a NEW blog address!
You can now read the blog by visiting:

My blogspot address will still direct you to the site, but update your bookmarks anyway.  
I just figured it was about time to move on from "newbabyharris"

Boo in the Zoo x2

Sunday afternoon we had planned to go to Denver Downs, but after a long morning downtown for Austin's 2 year old photo shoot, followed by his 4 hour afternoon nap, it just wasn't possible.  We wanted to do something before Monday rolled back around and it just so happened that it was the final night of Boo in the Zoo, so we got the boys dressed and back we went!

We decided to let Austin try out his rubber duck costume this time.  The costume was size 2T, but the striped stockings that came with it apparently didn't get the message.  They might have fit him a year ago.  So, I did the only thing I could think of and snipped off the feet.  This turned them into super short leggings.

He was super cute though, I must admit, even though the costume wasn't quite in style for a 2 year old boy.  (Hey, we got it a few months ago from Costco for like $10 and it was the only one in his size.)  

He got called a girl at least a half dozen times, but that doesn't really phase a 2 year old, and Ryan and I thought it was pretty humorous.  If he ever asks to see pictures of his 2 year old Halloween costume, we'll just show him the pirate ones.  :-)

Boo in the Zoo was a total mad house on Sunday night.  I mean, they made some serious bank considering the amount of people coming in and the fact that no one left with more than $2 worth of candy and flimsy toys.  No worries though, Austin didn't really care about what was in his bag, he just wanted to drag it around all night no matter how many times I begged him to let me hold it for him.

Owen was a cute baby tiger again, and we found his tiger pants this time around which completed his outfit.  I didn't even know it came with pants until I opened my closet and found them laying on the floor.  That thing came off halfway though, however, because it was at least 75 degrees out there.  That's what I hate about Halloween in SC, you need a warm weather and cold weather costume because theres no telling what the temperature is going to be like in October around here!

I think we had to wait in line 10 minutes just to sit on this lion statue, but it was worth it for the following caption: 
"Lions and Tigers and Ducks...oh my!"

Austin asked to "ride big brown bear," which is an odd request coming from him.  He sat there and smiled for the camera, another rarity, but I'll take it!  Ryan had just been holding Owen, aka drool monster, which explains the wet spots on his shoulder.

I took this picture right after Austin tripped over that big bump behind him while running over to that giant pumpkin and ruining some other families photo op.  He seriously hates getting his hands dirty.

October 25, 2010

Starting Solids

I've kind of started solids with Owen recently.  It's still not an everyday type of thing, but something we're working on.  I usually sit him on the table with us while we eat and he started acting really interested in what we were doing and grabbing at the food.  That, in addition to his change in sleeping habits, made me think he might just be hungry and ready to start eating the real stuff.

It was rough going at first, more of it ended up on him and the table than in his mouth, but I remembered doing this with Austin just 18 months ago and how frustrating it can be in the beginning.  He's getting better now, and I think at least half of what I give him is being swallowed.

We didn't do the rice cereal thing because, well, that stuff is just nasty, has no nutritional value and really not necessary (seriously, google it).  Bananas were our first food of choice and he seemed to enjoy them (or at least the spoon they came on):

Owen hasn't been picky at all and has eaten a number of things without even a wince.  Austin has become a fabulous baby food taste tester as well!  He thinks the bananas are delicious, sweet potatoes are yummy, peaches are tolerable and peas with brown rice...well...in his words exactly, are just plain "Ucky."

October 21, 2010

French Fries

Austin's 2 year well visit was this afternoon.  I scheduled it 6 months ago (after our last well visit) at a time that suited....6 months ago.  Today it just happened to be pretty inconvenient.  Austin usually naps from 12-3, his appointment was at 2:30, which meant we had to leave around 2, meaning I'd have to wake him from his nap over an hour early.

On this such day, however, he refused to eat lunch before his nap and didn't even get to sleep until after 12:30.  I ran upstairs at 2 and quickly got him changed and ready, we were out of the house by 2:15.  Darn it...I needed him to be happy and well-behaved for this visit and not only was he missing a large chunk of his nap, but he was probably starving too!  Of course, due to his irritableness from being woken up, he wouldn't touch the healthy snacks I packed to take with us, so to prevent possible doctor's office meltdown, I caved and swung by McDonalds for a small fry for Austin and a large diet coke for myself!

He was not his usual perky self, but was in a decent mood considering the circumstances.  He got weighed and measured and we went to sit in our little room and wait on the doctor.  It was at that time I pulled out the fries I had been hiding in the diaper bag (not that the greasy potato smell wasn't giving it away to anyone within a few feet of us).  The last thing I wanted to do, however, was to have the people who judge me as a parent based on the health of my child see me feeding him french fries!

I listened out for the sounds of our doctors voice and quickly handed Austin a fry one at a time.  He got down about a half dozen before I heard the door opening and our doctor come in.  Austin cooperated for the exam and checked out great, but when the doctor and I turned our attention to one another to have a conversation, Austin made his way for the diaper bag, trying to get a french fry.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, not a big deal, every parent gives their child fries at some point and doctors know that...but its what we were talking about that made this certain instance a big deal.  Our doctor noticed that on Austin's growth charts, his weight has been in the 90th %tile since he was born, but his height just recently went from the 91st %tile down to the 68th.  He was explaining to me that having a baby in the 90th %tiles for both height and weight is no big deal, but when the weight remains high when the height tapers off, you need to start paying closer attention to nutrition and portion sizes.  He said to switch to skim milk, no more than 4-6 oz. of juice and to watch the starches and limit junk food.  At that exact moment, Austin finally got into the diaper bag I had been juggling out of his reach for the past 10 minutes and pulled out a fist full of greasy french fries.


I tried explaining that we hardly ever eat fast food and certainly don't let Austin eat it but maybe once a month.  I told him about how I had to wake him for his appointment and we had skipped lunch and I was worried because he hadn't had anything since breakfast and it was mid-afternoon....but I could see the way he was looking at me and I'm pretty sure he didn't exactly believe me and I felt judged and like a bad mom and it sucked.

To end this fabulous visit, Austin got 4 shots.  At least we are done with those until kindergarten...

We left the doctor's office, it was 3:30 and Austin still hadn't eaten but those few french fries.  We stopped back by McDonalds on the way home.  I know, I know....but after a stressful visit and 4 shots, my little boy deserved a fun lupper (lunch & supper) date with his mommy!  Besides, as the person who spends 24 hours a day with him, I know that he eats healthy 90% of the time, no matter what our doctor now thinks.  I also know that he has maintained the same weight for the past several months now and his height has just plateaued recently.  I fully expect a growth spurt any time now.  By the way, with that cute little noggin still measuring in the 99th %tile, its gotta account for some of the extra weight!

And in case you were wondering, Austin had had half a hamburger, apple slices and milk, and then probably burned about half of that off playing.

Now really, does that look like the bod of a kid who eats too much junk food to you??

October 19, 2010

Party Pictures

The party was fun, the kids were excited, the food was yummy, the presents were awesome, the bouncy house was rocking and it was all around one totally terrific birthday party for my little two year old!!  My house is still a mess and the decorations are still mostly up, but I'm pooped from all the partying (and the hectic days up until spent cleaning, organizing and decorating), so I'm taking the week off.  That right there is the reason you have several posts to sort through, because I've spent my free time blogging, watching tv, eating leftover cookie cake and relaxing instead of washing the dishes in the sink, vacuuming the floors and doing laundry.  It was all worth it though to see Austin so happy and to have lots of precious pictures from his big day as a constant reminder.  He loves his friends and family so much and to have them all come out to celebrate his second birthday was truly wonderful!!

Fresh up from his nap and ready to party!

Woo Hoo, Austin's 2!

Certainly has the hang of the whole present opening thing...

Playing with his favorite Aunt

Austin adores Kylie, and she drew him a really great picture just for his birthday!

Owen likes Cookie Monster too!

He took a break from opening gifts to read his tiger book from his aunt and uncle.

Birthday parties make you wanna, jump, jump!

If I had this in my yard permanently I'd never again have to worry about my weight!  Lots of fun and awesome exercise!! :-)

Uncle Nick getting the party started...

I love this one!  Sofia crashing and Austin mid-jump!

Me and my little cookie monster

Edible eyeballs?  Awesome!!

Aunt Catherine wanted him to ditch the fork and make a mess...

He tried it her way...

...but then went back to the utensil and managed to get messy anyways!

Finger-lickin' good!

Sweet sisters, Kylie & Blair

Sofia is exactly 1 week younger than Austin.  Happy (almost) Birthday Sofia!!

The three babies, Bailey, Owen & Blair, all born within weeks of each other!

Most of the kiddos with their respective parents.


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