June 29, 2010

Tee Ball Contd.

A little batting practice with daddy
Making his approach
Here comes the bunt
And a line drive down the middle!

Tee Ball

This morning while I was feeding Owen, I watched as Austin rummaged through his toys on the floor.  After awhile he picked up the toy hammer from his peg board and a ball and walked to the middle of the living room.  Next thing I know he is throwing the ball up in the air and then swinging the hammer and trying to hit the ball.  His attempts were quite unsuccessful, however, as he needed to use the hand he was holding the ball with to help him swing the hammer.  The ball was on the ground for about 2 seconds before he was even able to take a swing.  He seemed quite pleased with himself, nonetheless.

Ryan came down for lunch and Austin was still going at it.  That's when the light bulb went on.  Austin had gotten a tee ball set from grandma for Christmas but had always been too young to play with it.  Well, it seemed like the perfect time to pull it out, so that we did!

Ryan set it up and Austin was delighted.  He took to it immediately and him and daddy played while Owen and I watched from the couch.

We learned 3 important lessons from this tee ball experience:

#1  Never under estimate the physical ability of a child.  Austin amazed us with his tee ballin' abilities and with the right coaching, there is no doubt he'll be a little league star one day.

#2  Never break out a new toy too close to lunch and/or naptime.  Austin whined for his "baugame" the entire time he was sitting at the table and didn't take a single bite of his lunch.  And because it was so close to naptime...well, he was oversensitive to everything and it ended up being meltdown city.

...and the final lesson...

#3  Tee ball is an outside toy ONLY!!!  This one is pretty self-explanatory, but not exactly something we realized until Owen and I had to duck for cover, Ryan got pegged in a very sensitive area and the flat screen TV took a heavy blow.

Adorable tee ball pictures coming soon...once I am no longer afraid to be in the same room (or have an expensive camera in the same room) with my little home run hittin' tee ballin' all star!

My Boys

Man, I love those two little guys!!!

June 28, 2010

Keri's Baby Shower

Yesterday Owen and I went to Keri's baby shower in Columbia.  Keri and I have been best friends since middle school and it was so fun going through our second pregnancies together.  She's having her baby girl in just over 3 weeks!!  The shower was a lot of fun and Keri got some great stuff.  That little girl already has a bigger wardrobe than I do!  Here are some pictures from the shower:

The "draw a baby on your head" game

Kylie and Owen!
The "how big is Keri's belly" game

Owen thought Keri was super comfy!
Only 3 more weeks to go!!!

20 Months

I'm a little behind this month...it's been SO crazy around here lately and I've barely had time to sit at the computer.  Austin turned 20 months on June 15th and here are some fun facts about my 20 month old!

1.  Hallelujah he's finally eating!  I don't know what changed, but Austin's appetite is in full force lately and he's starting to try a lot of new things.  Meal time is no longer such a challenge and I'm totally loving it!!

2.  He's learned to say "please" and "thank you" at the appropriate times and will even do so without us asking.  Such a polite little boy!

3.  Austin can count to 10 forwards and backwards all by himself and say his ABC's.

4.  He pronounces the number 1 as "no."

5.  He repeats everything we say...and I mean EVERYTHING!!  We really have to pay attention now!

6.  His favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and the Choo Choo Train book.  After reading him a book and putting it down he will often hand it back to me and say "again!"  I usually end up reading him the same book at least 5 times before I can convince him to move on.

7.  He's wearing size 2T clothes, a size 5 diaper and a size 7 shoe.  He will be in 3T before we know it though!!

8.  His matchbox cars have become an obsession.  He drives the cars all over everything and even takes them to bed at night and with him whenever we go out.  He loves his cars, dare I say, even more than a ball (for now at least).

9.  Austin is ALL boy.  He likes getting dirty, he's interested in bugs, loves making a mess and gets a new scrape or bruise on about a daily basis.  Lord help us if he gets sand in his shoes though!!!

10.  Chase is one of his favorite games.  All you have to say is "I'm gonna get you!" and off he goes!!

11.  I think I've mentioned this before, but the boy LOVES to be naked!  I'm not sure if this is something I should be worried about or not...but getting clothes on him is like a wrestling match!

12.  When he's ready to eat he walks to his highchair and says "eat baby."  No, my child is not a cannibal, he's just heard me say "are you ready to eat, baby?" so many times and now it's caught on.

13. Austin really loves to be outside and loves to go swimming.  He goes into meltdown mode whenever we try to bring him indoors.

14.  When we do go outdoors, a lot of times Austin will walk to the car and shout "go!"  He loves to go places and ride in the car.  We make a lot of trips to Target and the CVS right down the street for no other reason than the fact that Austin just wants to go!

15.  Austin is so sweet to his baby brother!  He says "uh-oh" when Owen is crying and tries to bring him a paci.  He covers him with his blankie when he's in the swing and even tries to give him milk from his sippy cup.  He likes pointing out Owen's body parts and counting his little toes.  He will even give his baby brother more kisses than he gives mommy and daddy!!

June 26, 2010

June 24, 2010

Bailey Elizabeth

Our friends Ben & Tonya welcomed baby girl Bailey Elizabeth into the world this morning!  She weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and measured 20 inches long...the exact same size as Owen when he was born!!

Congratulations to the Johnson family on your sweet new baby girl!  We can't wait to meet her!!

Beach Trip Top 13

We just got back from an amazing week in Hilton Head.  It was such a fun trip and Austin had the greatest time!  Here are the top 13 things Austin loved about the beach:

1.  Relaxing and floating in the pool

2.  Getting tossed around in the pool

3.  Playing in the waves

4.  Boogieing on down the beach

5.  Drawing in the sand

6.  Chasing the birds

7.  Hanging out in the shade

8.  Playing in this pile of sand (for some reason)

9.  Shoveling sand and making sand mountains

10.  Picking up the ladies

11.  Getting as sandy as possible

12.  Playing in the tidal pools

13.  And just watching the tide come in...

Bye Bye Baby Hair

I can't believe it, but Owen's hair is falling out!  This is new to me, as Austin really didn't have much hair to begin with, but my littlest baby boy now has the hairline of a little old man!  I'm curious to see how long he'll have this look?  Anyone else have a baby who lost his hair?

Hair or no hair, though, he's still pretty stinkin' cute!!!

June 21, 2010

By Request

My mom mentioned that she wanted to see more pictures of Owen on the blog.  She's right, there aren't as many of him as there are of Austin right now, but as you know, his main activities consist of eating, sleeping and lying still at the moment.  However, he is having a great time at the beach right now doing all those things and I'm taking lots of pictures!  Here are just a few from our week so far.  Plenty more to come once we make it back home, I'm sure!

Watching a little Sunday night TV and hogging the remote...
First walk on the beach
Just hanging out with daddy
Walking along the marsh

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing husband and daddy! 
 There's no better place to spend such a great day than at the beach with your boys!

June 15, 2010

Baking 101

Austin and I decided to do a little baking yesterday.  Well, I did the baking and he did the tasting.  By the looks of his face, it must have been pretty good!!

Our little adventure ended with a naked toddler in the sink and my counters and floors covered in gooey chocolately goodness...but it was well worth it!!  The pie we made turned out pretty delicious as well.

First Smiles

Owen started smiling recently and it's been so fun to watch him respond to us.  Nothing warms your heart like a little baby smile!

I've been trying to catch his smile on camera for a while now, but it's hard to get him to smile at me with a big, black, flashing device in front of my face!  I got the tail end of a few giggles after tonights bath though and just wanted to share...

Ok, so he's not smiling in this one....I just thought it was pretty stinkin' cute and wanted to include it anyway.  :-)

Off to Omaha!

The Tigers pulled it out and are headed to Omaha for the College World Series after a close loss, a total crushing, and a real nail biter of a 3rd game!

We were excited to be able to take Austin with us to Saturday night's game, even though it turned out to be our only loss in the series.  Austin loves sporting events, especially ones that involve balls and paws.  He loved pointing out all the paws in the stadium (and there were plenty!) and that boy still loves a ball.  However, he did not love the heat...and neither did I!!

I can't remember the last time I was that miserably hot and Austin's red face and wet hair were all the proof we needed to see that he was feeling about the same way.  We loaded him down with plenty of water, frozen lemonade and icee and it must have done the trick!  Once that sun went down and the little guy was re-hydrated, he had enough of that baseball watching and was ready to be on the move!!

I took Austin out to a grassy field right outside the stadium and he ran and jumped and chased and threw his baseball until I had to make him stop before he (or I) had a heat stroke!!  He got sand in his shoe at one point and wouldn't stop shaking his foot until I just had to take his shoes off completely.  He loved running through the grass in bare feet but accidentally stepped in a patch of dry dirt while chasing down his ball and stopped dead in his tracks and started whining.  He would not take a single step in that dirt!!  I had to lift him away from the dirt and into the grass before he would walk on his own again.  I just love discovering little quirks like that!

Austin and I made it back to our seats to watch the final out of the game and then Austin rode on daddy's shoulders back to the car.  We stripped off his sweat drenched clothes and put him in his car seat in nothing but a diaper, handed him a sippy cup of water and took off.  We were barely on the interstate before looking back to see that he was sacked out in the back, clenching a half empty cup of water.


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