July 24, 2008

Appointment Update - 7/24

Today I had my 26 week appointment with Dr. Keith. I had my blood drawn and it will be tested this afternoon to see if I've developed anemia or gestational diabetes. Hopefully, everything will be fine, but I should know the results tomorrow before noon. Anemia can easily be treated with iron supplements, but I'm really rooting against gestational diabetes because I'm just not ready to give up sugar for the next 3 months!! In other news, I've gained 2.5 pounds since my last visit, my blood pressure was 110/60 and baby's heart was beating about about 135 bpm.

After my check-up I told Dr. Keith about a very severe pain that I've been having on my right side below my ribs. Anyone who has talked to me recently knows that this has been my top complaint for the past several weeks and I've been very uncomfortable due to it. I figured it was either a dislocated rib or simply just pain caused by the pressure of my expanding belly and compression of all my insides. Dr. Keith agreed that since I was short-torsoed that this might just be "growing pains," but she also informed me that pregnant women have a higher tendancy to develop gall stones or have gall bladder attacks which would cause similar pain and symptoms. Therefore, she ordered an additional blood test to check for liver function and I've got to check into the hospital Monday morning for a work-up and an ultrasound to check out my gall bladder. If it is discovered that I have a problem, Dr. Keith said that unless it looked really serious, we would wait until after baby is delivered before scheduling surgery to remove my gall bladder. So it looks like I'm going to be dealing with this excrutiating pain for the next 3 months either way!

I'll be sure to update everyone after I hear back from all my results!


Kristy said...

I hate that you are going to have to endure that pain! :( No fun!

scnana2 said...

Jennifer, good luck with the test, I hope and pray you do not have gall bladder problems...Farrah had her gall bladder out before she had McKenzie and right after McKenzie was born she had kidney stones...dont know what is up with all of that...she went through so so much pain...what us women have to go through before our babies are born and then afterwards sometimes, but in the long run they are worth it all...

Love and big big hugs, Nana


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