January 4, 2010

1st Playdate of 2010

On New Year's Day we went over to the Bondurant's for dinner and a playdate. Their precious little girl, Sofia, is one week younger than Austin and it blows all our minds how much these two are alike!! Not only are they the same exact size, but they act so similar and get along wonderfully.

Austin and Sofia had a really fun time playing together and Austin even gave her several kisses....something he's never done to anyone else besides me and Ryan. He was truly intrigued by her and a bit smitten, I believe. I think we have a little flirt on our hands! Sofia even returned his kiss at the end of the night as we were telling everyone goodbye. Hmmm....future love birds maybe??

The two little ones played hard until why past their bedtimes, but it was just so difficult to drag them away from one another while they were having so much fun. Not to mention, we were all enjoying our adult conversation while the munchkins entertained each other....a beautiful sight indeed!

The night ended with a tissue paper tear up and it seemed to be the highlight of the evening. Who knew a .5 cent piece of tissue paper could provide so much fun and entertainment!! Austin and Sofia both ripped that paper to shreds and had a ball the entire time.

(FYI - These pictures were taken pre-haircut.)

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