November 4, 2011

Daddy's Office

The day after Austin's birthday party, him and I made a special trip to daddy's office while AmMa stayed home with Owen since he was napping.  Austin has been interested in skyscrapers lately and well, Ryan's office, is in one of the tallest buildings in the southeast!  It's an ordeal just to get up there, though.  I can't ever just pop in unannounced because you have to have clearance and show ID just to get to the elevators!

Austin loved everything about daddy's office.  From the parking garage and long elevator ride to just looking out the big windows at all the cars and buildings below.  He was especially excited that he could see the Panthers football stadium.  We walked around and visited some of Ryan's co-workers but Austin was completely uninterested unless their office had a view of the stadium...and was not shy at all about letting them know he wasn't impressed by their view!

 Hard at work!
View of the stadium

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