November 29, 2011

Santa Arrives!

A couple weekends ago, Santa Claus himself arrived in NC.  And where do you think he made his first stop?  Why Birkdale Village Shopping Center, of course!  We had nothing better to do on a Saturday evening and I was really anxious to see how Austin would react to seeing Santa for the first time this season.  The whole holiday celebration was a little lame and the parade was downright pathetic....but as soon as Santa turned that corner riding on the back of a pick-up became magical!!  Owen was amused just watching the cars drive by, but Austin was downright smitten with Santa and after he passed us we had to hurriedly cross the road and stake out a place on the other side so we could see him drive by again.  We then followed him to the Christmas tree and shouted "1-2-3, Santa light that tree" and watched as Santa "magically" lit the giant tree.

We had to promise Austin that we'd see Santa again soon just to get him to leave and then we went to IHOP down the road for a pancake supper.  I have never been a big IHOP fan until realizing that it's the ONLY sit down restaurant where both boys will eat and behave relatively well.  Austin kept waiting for Santa to join us at IHOP but then got distracted when he saw a girl dressed as a pirate walk in and sit at a table nearby.  So distracted in fact that when we were walking out he walked face first into a table because he was so busy looking at this pirate girl that he wasn't watching where he was going.

We've been talking about Santa ever since and even made a visit to mall Santa just to chat one morning.  When we lit up our Christmas tree this past weekend, Austin said to himself before he stepped on the button the turns the tree lights on, "1-2-3, Austin light that tree!"  Oh, it's going to be a FUN holiday season!!!

 Waiting for the parade to start.  Owen obviously not pleased about stopping to pose for a picture.

(Austin had just finished eating a Reeses cup that was thrown to him in the parade, hence the peanut butter in his teeth.)

Oh the joy! 

Waving as Santa goes by... the bed of a truck. 

An attempt to pose in front of the big tree.  Austin was upset that his shoe had fallen off and Owen was busy watching the fake snow blow around.

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