January 15, 2014

Naked Elves

I went to pick the boys up from preschool one day last week and Austin's teacher stopped me for a chat.  It was a couple days after the big "winter blast" of 2014.  Which was basically just a couple days where the temps got down into the single digits and schools were delayed because it was.....cold.  Not icy or snowy...just cold.

But anyway, apparently Austin's teacher and the preschool director were in his class and having a quick chat about the chilly temperatures when Austin piped up and told them that his daddy had told him all about the "naked elves."  Feeling confused, they continued to ask him what he was talking about and he insisted he knew all about the "naked elves."  This apparently went on for a few more minutes until one of them finally realized he was saying negatives...as in temperatures below 0.  I got a small chuckle when I heard the story but in reality I was just confused at how two preschool teachers could confuse the word negatives with naked elves.  

On the ride home I asked Austin what it was called when the temperature went below zero and sure enough, all I could hear was "naked elves!"  At that point the story went from slightly amusing to hilarious as I couldn't stop thinking about what in the world his teachers must have thought of us teaching our kids about naked elves!!

And while we're certainly not naked, take a look at this fine family of dancing elves!!

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