June 29, 2008

We're Registered!

What a loooong day!! We went to Babies R Us today and spent about 4 hours registering for baby stuff. It started out pretty fun and we were having a great time looking at all the cute stuff. Unfortunately, 2 hours in we realized we weren't even halfway through the store and began to get a little tired and irritable. :) However, as we were leaving the store around 6:30pm, we were very relieved to finally be done and really excited about all the stuff we put on our list.

We're still trying to find our stroller and car seat, but hope to have one decided on soon. With me being so short, a lot of the travel systems were just a little too big and bulky. I think I took about every one in the store on a "test drive!"

To take a look at the registry, go to www.babiesrus.com and search for either me or Ryan. Let us know if you think we need to add anything that new parents just can't live without!

1 comment:

Farrah said...

Especially for Baby Wipe Warmer With Light
by Babies 'R' Us
Item #: 420908

Jennifer i was looking at some of the items at babies r us that you and ryan picked out for baby boy harris and i just wanted to tell you that the wipe warmer is not a good idea because it was in parents magazine they have been known to cause house fires. just passing info on to you.


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