June 13, 2011

13 Months!

This has been a big month!  Owen is learning and doing and saying new things all the time now.  Every day I fall in love with my sweet baby boy all over again.  This really is a fun and sweet age.  So, here goes my list of all Owen's fun milestones from the past month:

-He's WALKING!!  Owen took his first steps at 10 months but didn't gain the confidence to actually begin walking until a couple weeks ago.  He's now walking all over the place and rarely crawls anymore.  Oh my gosh...it's seriously the cutest thing ever!

-He's TALKING!!  Owen is saying new words all the time and now using the words he already knows in the right context.  He says mama, dada, Austin, dog, ball, cheese, bye-bye, hi, done, eyes, no-no, and night-night, to name just a few.

-Such a snuggler! Austin was always too busy at this age to want to stop and cuddle, but Owen loves to sit with me, lay his head on my shoulder and just snuggle.  I l.o.v.e. it!!

-Eating mostly table foods (when he's not throwing it all on the floor) and drinking whole milk....still likes it from his ba-ba though.

-Not a big fan of the sippy cup, but loves to drink from a straw.

-Still quite the mama's boy.  When I came back from New Orleans he wouldn't let me out of his sight....not even to nap!  I even had to rock him to sleep for the first time in months.  I'm not complaining though, it's nice to feel so loved all the time!

-Loves to read his books and will point at specific things when I ask where they are.  His favorite book is First 100 Words.

-Adores toy cars just like his big brother!  His favorites are the Shake n' Go cars and he will carry one around the house all day shaking it and making it make noise.  You can't imagine how many times I've wanted to yank the batteries out of those things....

-Has 8 teeth but we are working on quite a few more at the moment.  Thankfully Owen has always been a pretty good teether...just a lot of drool and biting.

-Really loves to hide and play peek-a-boo, especially with his big brother!

-Enjoys driving trains on the train table.  Finally he's using the train table for what it's for and not just pulling up all the tracks and chewing on the trains!

-The only television show he will sit and watch is Bubble Guppies on Nickelodeon.  He is memorized by it for some reason and even sings along with the theme song going, "bu bu bu bu."

-Owen is an excellent booty shaker!!  He dances anytime he hears music and shakes that little booty so fast that sometimes he makes himself lose his balance and falls down.  He really loves music and is instantly calmed by it....even by the sound of me singing, which in my opinion, is never a calming sound!

-Owen says bye-bye when were leaving, night-night when I'm taking him to bed, claps when he gets excited, gives high fives when you put your hand out, gives excellent kisses and will even blow you a kiss if you ask for one.

-Loves the water!  Whether it be at the pool or in the bath, he loves to splash and hang out in the water, hot or cold, it doesn't matter.

-When I ask "how old is Owen?"  he holds up one finger and says "one."

-Loves Happy Baby food pouches and can feed himself when I give him one!  He also adores these yogurt smoothies!

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Rachel said...

I have been wondering about those baby food pouches-- so glad to hear that they work! I will have to suggest them to my SIL for my 10 month old niece- they are both too cute for words!


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