June 28, 2011

Mini Golf

Austin never ceases to amaze me with his skills.  Maybe he gets it from his daddy or maybe it comes from the fact that he's been attending sporting events since he was barely a month old...but seriously, this boy has some skills with a ball!

We decided to play some mini golf yesterday afternoon...which is now one of Austin's most favorite activities.  He even likes to watch golf on TV, and seriously, the only thing more boring than watching golf on TV is watching bowling....or tennis....or soccer.

But anyway, hole #1 and Austin gets it in in 2 shots...with no help.  Hole #2 and he gets it in 4, and then 3 and then a few holes later he gets a hole in one!!  Ryan and I were both shocked and cheering for him louder than two people should cheer on a small miniature golf course, but it was pretty awesome to watch.  Of course there were those holes where it took about 20 shots and then he finally gave up and just kicked it in with his foot...but when there we no distractions and he was paying attention...he totally rocked at golf!

Apparently you can start golf lessons at age 4 and you better believe Austin will be attending.  I sure wouldn't mind having a future Rory McIlroy in the family!!  I just hope he remains interested for that long and it doesn't turn out like that episode of Family Guy where Cleveland Jr. plays golf with Peter and is really good but then his ADD kicks in and he runs off and gets interested in something else.  (Weird reference, I know, but I was really into Family Guy in college...I blame this guy!  FYI-approach that last link with caution.  I feel it my necessary duty as a blogger to link up the blogs of friends...but Dave's blog might be a little too much for most.) :-)

Owen thoroughly enjoyed mini golf as well.  He's going through that stage now where a ball is one of the greatest things invented and loved dropping it in the hole and then fishing it out.  We let him "walk the course" with us and he couldn't have been happier.

 Look at that shot!

Owen loved putting the balls in the hole...and then taking them out again.

Getting a little help with his stance.

Owen added an extra degree of difficulty to a few of the holes.

He also liked to run off with our golf balls...

Golf sure is exhausting!!

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