June 14, 2011


A couple weekends ago I traveled to New Orleans with my awesome friend, Aaron, for a wedding/girl's weekend.  We had an amazing time exploring the town and took the utmost advantage of our 3 day trip.  We stayed out late, slept in, ate fabulous food, toured the city, did a little shopping, a little sight seeing and a bit of drinking and relaxing.  We also attended the fabulous New Orleans themed wedding of Nick & Whitney which was the perfect end to our mini vacation.

It was by far the longest I'd ever been away from my boys (and also the longest Ryan's ever had them alone).  And let me just stop a moment there to brag on my truly wonderful husband.  This trip was in the works for months and Ryan fully supported me going the entire time.  Not once did he complain about me going or try to change my mind...he actually helped me plan the trip and used his SkyMiles to buy our plane tickets!  It was just him and the boys from early Thursday afternoon until lunchtime on Sunday...no grandparents, no babysitter, just Ryan, Austin & Owen.  He took them swimming a couple times and even out to dinner a few times...alone...a feat that even I rarely take on!  I even arrived home on Sunday to a straight house and freshly vacuumed floors.  I mean seriously, am I lucky or what??  :-)

Ryan and I both knew that I was truly in need of a weekend away and a break from being a full-time mommy...but man did I miss those sweet little guys!!!  I actually teared up as soon as I saw our car waiting outside at baggage claim on Sunday just knowing that my little family was inside and I would get to wrap my arms around them at any moment. Austin was asleep when I got in the car, but Owen and I talked and laughed the entire way home.  Austin finally opened his eyes when we got home and did a few double-takes when he noticed me sitting next to him.  We got out of the car and he gave me the biggest hug and a super sweet kiss on my cheek.  It was pure bliss!

New Orleans truly was such an awesome trip and fun experience, but the next vacation I go on, I want my boys with me, all three of them!!

Me & Aaron at Pat O's piano bar

Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters

Who doesn't need a little charm?

Aaron with her beignet at Cafe du Monde

We laughed about this sign all weekend!

Beads, Balconies and Bourbon St.

On a streetcar tour of the Garden District...I loved looking at all the beads in the trees!

Newlyweds, Nick and Whitney at the reception

The wedding was at the Wax Museum...really awesome.

Aaron and I were totally creeped out by some of the things we saw at the museum.

A wax Freddie....scary!

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