August 14, 2011

More Monster Trucks

Since the beginning of summer we've been waiting to go to the Monster Truck Bash at the speedway and last night it was finally here!  We got there early for the pit party and were able to see all the trucks up close as well as their drivers.  Both boys were in awe and I ended up getting more pictures of the back of their heads than their faces because they were so busy staring at the huge trucks right in front of them.  There was even a fire truck to play in which came in a very close 2nd to the monster trucks.

Halfway into the show it began to rain, it was also getting late and Owen was tired of just sitting there.  I decided to take him home and dry him off and warm him up and then come back later to pick up Austin and Ryan.  Austin was so into the show and having such a great time that I'm not even sure he knew it was raining and he was getting wet!  I'm serious...I'm pretty sure Austin had one of the best nights of his entire life last night watching those monster trucks!  He was still so wound up even after we got home that he didn't go to bed until after 11pm.  He talked about the trucks all night long and said his favorite was Hot Tamale.  One of the few I didn't get a picture of....of course!

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