August 3, 2011

Preschool Program

Austin had his End of the Summer program and party last week at preschool.  I couldn't wait to go and to watch him perform and to get a chance to see him interact with the other kids in his class and show me what he's learned.  They started out by sitting on the mat and singing several songs.  I know Austin knew each and every one and I've heard him sing them many, many times at home...but while he had a whole crowd of eager parents watching?  No way!  Oh yeah....he was "that kid."

You know, the one who sprawled out on the ground and rolled all over the place while the rest of the children were sitting nicely and singing.

The one who tried to carry on a conversation with the mom sitting next to him while everyone else was trying hard to follow along with the song.

 The one who finally decided to participate in one of the songs but insisted on standing instead of sitting and watched himself in the mirror the entire time.

The one who got up and ran across the gym only to have a teacher have to get up and go bring him back.

Yep, he's the little boy who knows that all he has to do is flash that sweet and mischievous grin my way and I can't help but turn into putty.

And even though his singing performance wasn't exactly perfect, he did do a wonderful job showing me all the fun stuff he's learned in gymnastics... the monkey swing...

...the superhero leap...

...and the two-year-old tumble.

But my favorite part of the day, was seeing him play and having so much fun with some of his new best friends!!

I can't believe my big boy just completed his first summer of preschool!  We can't wait to start back in the fall!

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