August 16, 2011

Our Deer Friends

A couple weeks ago Owen and I spotted a mama deer and her fawn walking out of the woods behind our house.  By the time I got my camera they had made their way into the front yard and were walking across the street.  Owen loved watching them and stood there looking out the window saying "deer deer."  For a few days later he would look out the window and call for them.  Well, they must have heard his calls because after he got up from his nap this afternoon we spotted them again in the woods out back.  I brought him to the window and he was so excited to see his deer had come back!  He even began kissing the window!  I know that deer season opened the other day so right now I'm just praying hard that they find solace in the woods behind out house and stay far, far away from any hunters.  Owen and I really love our new deer friends and want to see lots more of them!  Somehow Austin is always napping when they come by, but I'm sure he'd love to get a glimpse of them as well.

Just like a mama to be concerned with the potential threat watching them while baby is just wandering around looking for something to eat!

Owen loving on the sweet deer in the backyard!

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