September 21, 2011

Austin's Big Boy Bed

We finally did it...we made the transition from crib to big boy bed!  I know, I know...I'm a little embarrassed to admit we had an almost 3 year old still sleeping in his crib...but he LOVED his crib and seemed to have no desire to give it up.  Remember this post?  He could get in and out on his own so we didn't really see much difference between sleeping in a crib or a toddler bed (which is basically just the crib without the front on it) so we let it ride.

However, traveling became an issue because he was definitely too big for a pack 'n play and moves around way too much to sleep with me and Ryan or in any bed without a side rail.  We were at a loss until we found this...the inflatable toddler bed!  We used it for the first time at the beach last month and Austin slept like a champ!  He didn't try to get out, he didn't fall on the floor and he even took naps on it with no problem.  That's when we realized it was time.  He's a big boy and needs his space...we couldn't cram him into that tiny crib any longer so we skipped the toddler bed completely and converted his crib to a full size bed!

Guess what....he LOVES it!

He hasn't mentioned his crib once and only fell out the first night (before we went and bought a bigger side rail).  I love that we can cuddle up in his bed while we read books at night and Austin has even requested that me or Ryan sleep with him every now and then and I love that we finally can!  He really is getting to be such a big boy!!

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