September 21, 2011

Owen is 16 Months!

Ok, so he'll actually be 17 months in 2 weeks, I know I'm a little late here.  This is a super busy time of year and the blog is most definitely falling behind.  I do have lots of stuff to post about...just no idea when I'll finally get around to it all!  But on to Owen and 16 fabulous things about my sweet 16 (almost 17) month old!

-Starting to talk a lot more now and using his words to let us know what he wants/needs.  By far his two favorite words are "No" and "There."

-Knows almost all of his ABC's and the sounds each letter makes.  The Letter Factory DVD has proven itself successful once again!

-Can recognize several shapes, but loves stars the most.

-Owen's most favorite thing to do is to race!  Him and Austin go and stand in one corner of the room and I say "Ready, Set, Go!" and they both take off in my direction.  Even though Austin is faster, Owen can be quite tricky and will start running to me before Austin makes it back and gets ready.

-Some of his favorite books are "Bear in the Square," "Wheels on the Bus," "Chicka, Chicka, 1,2,3," "The Gruffalo," "Nobunny's Perfect," and anything about letters and shapes.

-Loves to give kisses to all the babies and animals he sees in his books.

-Knows where his eyes, mouth, nose, toes, head, tongue and belly are.

-Owen is quickly becoming an independent eater.  I have to put the food on the spoon or fork and then give the utensil to him so that he can feed himself.  Messy and time consuming...but it's the only way he'll have it!

-Loves to push things like his bubble mower, wagon and walker.

-When he wants to read a book he'll go get one out of the basket, carry it over to me and then back into my lap and sit down.  I love that he always wants to be in my lap while we're reading!

-Just like his big brother, he is obsessed with anything that has wheels!  He especially loves trucks, cars, trains and tractors.

-Always yells out "wheeeeee!" when he's doing something he thinks is really fun!

-Jumping on the bed is another favorite pastime.  I sing "5 Little Monkeys" while he jumps and then falls down and pretends bump his head.

-Could probably climb a mountain if I let him!

-Enjoys helping me play hide and seek with Austin.  Austin is an exceptional hider...but Owen can always find him!

-Owen is such a sweet, sensitive, happy, smart and loving little boy.  I still can't believe how quickly he's growing up!

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