September 2, 2011

Oh My Wordy, Look Who's 30!

Ryan turned the big 3-0 on Saturday and we had an awesome time celebrating!  It's scary leaving your 20's behind (seriously, I still have 4 months to go and I can't stop obsessing), so we made sure to make 30 a milestone to remember!

AmMa Jo Ann came in town to keep the boys so we started out Saturday with a trip to Carowinds for the 30 year old kid (aka my husband) and myself.  Not exactly how I'd opt to spend my 30th, but it was perfect for Ryan and it was great to do something fun like that without the kids (although I couldn't help but think the whole day about how much Austin would love this place).  After arriving and riding our first roller coaster at the park, the Intimidator (aka the tallest, fastest, longest coaster in the southeast), we both decided that we are, in fact, too old for roller coasters and prefer our feet a little more firmly planted on the ground.  So, we headed on over to the water park for a little less aggressive, laid back fun.

We followed Carowinds up with an early evening check-in at a "swanky" (as Ryan stated) hotel and got ready for dinner.  Our dinner was awesome and delicious and so relaxing.  Ryan mentioned ending our fun day by just going back to the hotel and turning in early, but I had a little something extra up my sleeve.  I convinced him that we should go to his favorite bar in uptown Charlotte for a few drinks to end the night and when we walked in he was completely shocked when more than15 of his friends jumped up and yelled "Surprise!"  The best line of the night was when Ryan looked at me and said, "I didn't even know this many people liked me!"

Unfortunately, this is the best group shot of the night.

Chris, Ryan & Neal 

The Birthday Bucket!

No idea what's going on here, but this is apparently the only picture I'm in...or the side of my head is in... 

It was a fun night to say the least, but we woke up the next morning realizing once again that we are also, in fact, too old to stay out partying all night.  Darn you thirties!!!!!  At least we took comfort in knowing that the boys were at home being well taken care of so we enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning of laying in bed and watching TV until noon...something we probably haven't done in almost 3 years now!  I miss that... :-)

Happy 30th Birthday, Ryan!!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend, you deserved it!!
We love you so much!

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