December 5, 2011

Lazy 5

Almost every weekend we go in search of fun family activities in the area that we can enjoy with the boys.  Last weekend we discovered what could possibly be our favorite place yet....the Lazy 5 Ranch.  It's a drive-through animal park with hundreds...probably thousands...of free roaming animals that you can see up close, touch and even feed.  It was a huge hit with the kids and Ryan and I had a blast as well!

 Checking out the scenery!

 Feeding the sheep and goats!
 Watching the big horse get his sore foot fixed.
 Owen imitating the big camel!

 Love the cute little lemurs!
 Hold onto your buckets tight!
 The Watusi
 A small sampling of what we saw on our wagon ride.
 The Brahma
 Mom and baby zebra

 Ryan feeding a llama
 The big, hungry giraffes that ended up eating all the rest of our food.
 Owen loves giraffes!
 So beautiful!

 Enjoying the wagon ride!

Baby goats cute!

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Anonymous said...

Tommoroww we are going to go to the Lazy ffive ranch to feed the animals can not wait we are going with school of HILL ARTS MAGNET MIDDLE SCHOOL so can not wait hope they don't steal my bucket of food.


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