August 8, 2012

Confessions and Updates!!

Well hey there...remember me?  It's been so long that I barely remember how to work this thing anymore.  I haven't even taken a peek at this blog in months or even considered writing again, but for some reason tonight just seemed like a good night to give it a try and possibly get back in the swing of things.

This blog was a huge part of my life for so long, but honestly, life just got in the way.  I have really missed updating this online scrapbook about my boys' lives and the adventures of our family.  It was not only a place to jot down some awesome memories for my own future reference, but a way of letting friends and family know how we were doing and what we were up to.  My mom especially loved my blogs and it's been difficult to write them knowing she's not able to read them anymore.

It's been a little over 8 months since she's been gone now.  Her sudden passing really sent me into some dark places, a depression if you will, and it's been a daily struggle to deal with so many of those emotions.  I often don't feel like the same person I was just 8 short months ago but I'm fighting now to get that person back.

Back in my busy blogging days I took my camera everywhere just in case a blogworthy moment popped up.  I wrote down the funny things the boys did or said so I wouldn't forget to share it in my next post.  I even made sure we had exciting adventures as often as possible so I could fill the blog with our fun family memories.  I'm hoping that re-starting this blog will bring some of that back.

So, without further adieu, let me catch you up on some things!

-In April we celebrated Easter at Papa's house as well as his 61st birthday.  We spent a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful Spring weather, rode scooters, went strawberry picking, attended a few baseball games, met Braves legend, Dale Murphy, and met up with friends in Columbia for Toy Story on Ice and Tyler's 4th birthday.

-In May we celebrated Owen's 2nd birthday, attended Austin's end of the year preschool party, went to Tiger World, did a lot of swimming and some slip 'n sliding, had Austin's last t-ball game of the season and watched our first major hail storm.

-In June we went to the beach, saw a good friend get married, Austin caught his first crab, Owen had his first glass of sweet tea and stayed awake for about 14 hours straight and after months of looking we bought a new house!!

-In July we packed...and packed...and moved...and moved...and cleaned...and unpacked...and moved some more...and continued unpacking and made several trips to Lowe's and spent way too much money on U-hauls and blinds and paint and furniture, etc., etc.  We also celebrated the 4th of July at our local park, had a huge yard sale, played in the pool, ate popsicles on the porch and Austin started swim lessons.

So there ya have it...4 months in one post!  Whew!  Still with me?  Hope so...and hopefully a lot more where this came from in the near future!!!

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