August 11, 2012

Project Playroom: Chalkboard Table

One of my "must-haves" while we were house hunting was that it had to have a space that I could use for the boys' playroom.  I was tired of having my living room covered in toys that I had to clean up several times a day and the boys needed a bigger space all their own to play in.  The new house has a formal sitting room downstairs that ended up being perfect for project playroom.

It is still a work in progress, but coming along pretty good so far!  I hope to do a whole blog tour once we're a little more settled, but I do want to share my super easy, super cheap and super fun chalkboard table project since it's one of the first things I accomplished after we moved in.

I am so grateful that we have an IKEA less than 10 minutes from our house and a lot of my projects involve cheap IKEA finds.  This table was less than $20 and was fairly easy to assemble on my own.  Out of the box it is a natural wood color with a white top and seats so there are tons of possibilities.  I chose to add a  couple coats of orange spray paint and with some swipes of chalkboard paint on top...voila!  Easy chalkboard table!!

FYI - I have since added a hook and a small bucket on the outside to hold the chalk and erasers.  Chalk storage is key, as I learned rather quickly.  Otherwise you'll find chalk all over your house, it will get stepped on and end up as multicolored dust all over your new floors!!

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