August 9, 2012

Pretty Pink Polish

So, one day last week I was in the kitchen putting away some dishes, Owen was napping and Austin was playing with his cars quietly on the stairs.  It was a typical weekday afternoon...except that Austin was quiet, which is most certainly NOT typical.  However, before I put 2 and 2 together and realized that I was doing household chores alone and quietly while my 3 year old was awake...I see him walking towards me with a huge grin on his face.

Uh Oh!

Before I could ask, he says to me, "Hi!  I'm Mommy" and holds out his hands.....

Of course my first reaction was to panic and run around looking for spilled pink polish on our brand new carpet.  Luckily I found the bottle upright, closed up tightly and sitting on the stairs where Austin had been playing.  Then I was finally able to "admire" his work (and make a mental note to hide all my nail polish in the future).  Now, there's nothing really wrong with a 3 year old boy wanting to be like his mom and paint his nails pink, but just for good measure we decided it couldn't hurt to go play a few games of monster truck racing and superheroes....

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