August 28, 2012

Monster Truckin'

Mine and Ryan's 5 year anniversary was August 11th...which just so happened to coincide with the big Back to School Monster Truck Bash at the Charlotte Speedway.  Our boys really love their monster trucks, and this is a once a year event, so we put the romance aside for awhile and off we went!  And since his grandsons have converted him into a monster truck fan as well, my dad (Papa), came up and went with us too.

We started at the pit party and got pictures with all the trucks and even a few of our favorite drivers.  Austin and Papa rode Sergeant Smash and it was a big hit.  Owen was fascinated, and apparently a little hungry because he kept sneaking up to the people behind us and stealing their food.  Austin's favorite truck, Stone Crusher, won both events and I couldn't wait to see how excited he'd be...until he told me that Stone Crusher was now his old favorite truck and his new favorite trucks were Equalizer and Hooked.  I should have realized that when Stone Crusher did so well that Austin was going to lose interest.  My boy loves an underdog!!

 Austin posing with his "former" favorite truck

Owen watching Sergeant Smash do his thing. 

 A rare photo with me in it!
 Big Tires!
How many children can you fit in a monster truck tire?? 

Austin and Papa after riding in the truck.

Me and Austin with our favorite driver, Jim Koehler.

Austin with Steve Sims, Stone Crusher's driver.

"Hands on your knees, hands on your knees..."

"You see dat??"


Keri said...

They look like they had a blast! :) You and Ryan were very generous to share your anniversary with your kids and big trucks!! :)

Toddler Boy said...

Nice Pic! I think you did a good adventure. Oh, I wish next month I could make a trip with by baby girl.

SDH said...

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