March 14, 2011

All About Cars

Whoever came up with the idea for the movie Cars must have had little boys!!

I don't remember when exactly, but one day around his 2nd birthday, I brought down a few different Disney movies that I had in my collection upstairs to "try-out."  I think I started with Winnie the Pooh, then Monsters Inc., then Finding Nemo and finally Toy Story.  He was not the least bit interested in any of them.  Then, I remembered my friend Tonya mentioning how much her son Tyler loved the movie Cars.  I actually did not have this one in my collection so off to I went!

Two days later the movie arrived and I was beyond excited to try it out.  Austin has been obsessed with cars since he was 18 months could he not enjoy an animated movie all about them??

As I kind of expected, it was love at first sight!  At first his attention span would only allow him to watch the first 15-30 minutes, but over the months he has probably seen the entire movie dozens of times.  In fact, he can sit there and recite many of the lines from memory and loves to dance and sing to the Sheryl Crow song at the beginning and I think he might know the words to Life is a Highway better than I do.

For Christmas he got the Mater's Tall Tales DVD and it was an immediate hit.  He also has the Cars soundtrack which is on repeat in our car at all times.  And I can't forget about his Shake 'n Go cars and Mack hauler as well as his wooden Cars collection for his train table!  We've also got Cars themed pajamas, sippy cups, plates, silverware, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  If it has a picture of any Cars character on it, Austin is a fan.

More recently, the collector side of my husband has started to come out and he's been obsessed with making sure Austin has complete sets of almost every Cars related toy out there.  Austin loves them all, don't get my wrong, but I believe Ryan might be getting a little more into it than our 2 year old.  That being said, however, Austin knows when a character from one of his sets has gone missing and we must drop everything that moment to locate it!

So, the other night Austin was meticulously lining up all his Cars toys and I snapped a few pictures so that I could record on the blog, Austin's 1st "obsession" and the resulting collections!

In order (in Austin language) we have, Large (Sarge), Pillmore (Fillmore), Sall-Lee (Sally), Chick, Mater, Doc, Mr. Blue King (The King), Light-ming (Lightning), Mone (Ramone) and Flo.

And again, in order (in Austin language) we have Rescue Mater, Light-ming, Large, Mone, Dad-Gum Mater, Chick, Red, Chair-if (Sheriff) and Mack.

We are anxiously awaiting the release of Cars 2 this summer.  I think it may be Austin's first movie theater experience.

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