March 8, 2011

Owen is 10 Months!

Owen turned 10 months old on Friday!  To celebrate we took him and his big brother to Monkey Joe's and then to McAlister's for dinner.  Owen had so much fun crawling around on the blow-ups at Monkey Joe's and we were lucky that there was hardly anyone there so he was able to enjoy his experience without being trampled or launched into the air by tons of wild and unsupervised kids.  However, there were two wild and unsupervised "referees" (and I use that term lightly) who dove over the side of one of the blow-ups while I was helping Austin climb up, shaking the entire thing, and causing both of us to slip and slide down the side.  We weren't hurt, it's hard to get hurt when you fall onto pillows of air, but it pissed Ryan off enough that he went to complain to the 17 year old manager on duty at the time.  Needless to say, we will be having a lot more Monkey Joe's fun in the future....for free!

But anyway, Owen is 10 months old now and I'm finding that kind of hard to believe.  As usual, here are Owen's 10 month facts:

-Eating really well now and enjoying lots of table foods.  He prefers to feed himself rather than  have me spoon feed him.

-Has discovered the wonderful world of climbing.  Austin's step stool and PBK chair have had to go into hiding for awhile.  Owen also enjoys climbing the stairs and if he breaks free of our playroom, that is usually where he is headed.  Well, there or to the cat food.

-Has learned to imitate sounds and noises.  His favorite face to make is the "kissy" face and his favorite noise to imitate is "Ai yi yi!"  (It's from a Wiggles song that we sing a lot.)

-Loves playing Peek-a-boo, This Little Piggy and singing the Little Green Frog song.

-Has 7 teeth and loves to bite!  I have a couple of bruises to show for it...

-Loves to open and close things, especially doors and cabinets.

-Sleeping a little less at night (about 10 hours) but still taking two good naps during the day.

-A total Mama's boy!!

-Loves his books and enjoys spending time reading.  His books are also his favorite chew toys...I don't know why.

-No longer cares for the jumper or exersaucer.  The best way to contain him (and keep him happy at the same time) is to put him in his high chair and spread out a few Cheerios and Puffs.  He's also a big fan of Baby Mum Mums.

-Weighs about 20lbs. which is still pretty small for his age.  I don't understand it either considering he takes 4 7-8oz. bottles, has 3 meals and a snack every day.

-Loves to stand up and cruise and can even stand without holding on for a few seconds on his own....until he realizes he's not holding on and instinctively sits down.

-Hates, hates, hates having his clothes changed.

-Starting to really interact and play with his big brother. Austin loves to have crawling races with Owen and Owen loves to try and do whatever his big brother is doing.  Austin is finding him increasingly interesting and loves to make him smile and laugh.  Their favorite game to play together is to climb and roll over all the pillows from our bed which Austin throws on the floor to play with.  I'm pretty sure I lay my head in dried drool and spit every night, but it's worth it to watch them have so much fun together!!

By the way, Owen was watching me upload these pictures and started laughing hysterically at this one.  I just had to post it!

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