March 31, 2011

Mister Blue Eyes

Kelli over at is hosting a fun little "link up" that is right up my alley!
She's asking people to share a favorite picture and talk about why they love it.

I have thousands and thousands of pictures and really don't have just one...or two or even three favorites.  Any picture of my boys is special to me and I could never narrow it down!  I really wanted to find one for this link up though, so I opened my March picture folder (which so far contains 618 pictures), and after lots and lots of looking, finally found the perfect one...

I love this picture because it is completely natural and not staged.  I just grabbed my camera the other day (when Owen was looking particularly cute) snapped a few quick pictures, put the camera away and then went back to playing with my sweet boy.  That night I downloaded the pictures I had taken and this one just popped out at me.  It was one of the few that was actually in focus (something that is truly hard to capture when you have a baby making a b-line for you and your camera), but it caught my eye for several other reasons as well.  

I love the sweet, innocent look on Owen's face and the fact that his big, pale, blue eyes really stand out.  I love how his hair is swooped to the side giving him that real "little boy" look and I adore those little wisps of hair standing up on the top of his head.  I like how Owen's silhouette really pops against the simple, slightly blurred, background and how the focus is off center, which as Kelli mentions in her post, is often more appealing to the eye.

Of course my favorite thing about this picture is that Owen looks so stinkin' cute here and every time I look at it I want to hold him and squeeze him and kiss those sweet little cheeks.  And look at that...only about 7 hours left until I'll get to do just that, so I better wrap it up before that number starts decreasing. :-)

And don't forget to head on over to Kelli's blog and link up your favorite photo, too!

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