March 13, 2011

March Madness!!

Here it is, March Madness time, and I've barely mentioned this pleasantly surprising basketball season and my Clemson Tigers!  We have been lucky to have season tickets for the past few years and take full advantage of every opportunity we have to go to a game.  This has been an exciting season with the addition of new head coach, Brad Brownell, and several great wins for the Tigers.

Both Austin and Owen love the basketball games and get really into them.  Since we've been sitting around the same people for 3 years now, they've gotten to know us and our boys and Owen is certainly never lacking for any attention.  It's not uncommon for him to crawl into the arms of a couple of the sweet ladies sitting around us for parts of the game.  He loves it just as much as they do!

Austin knows all the Clemson chants and loves to cheer on his Tigers.  He doesn't want to leave his seat the entire game and miss out on any of the action.  Every time we get in the car lately he says "I go to Clemson, watch basketball!"  I think he'd rather go to Clemson than do just about anything right now.  (That's my boy!!!)

We went to the final home game last Saturday in Littlejohn and I promised myself that I would take lots of pictures, but as usual,  I was totally distracted and forgot to pull out my camera until the game was over.  I did manage to get this cute picture of Austin on our way out while daddy and Owen were watching the senior players say their goodbyes.

Today Clemson made it into the NCAA tournament and we look forward to cheering on our Tigers every step of the way.  Ryan even won the lottery for final four tickets this year, so here's to hoping that our guys make it all the way!!

Now who's ready for a little March Madness?!?

Go Tigers!!!

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Alex Roy-Williams said...

Go Tarheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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