March 8, 2011

Keeping it Interesting

To say that most days in our house are an adventure would be an understatement.  In fact, I have been so busy lately keeping up with my adventurous twosome that I rarely have the time to post all the fun and crazy things that go on in our house.  But while I've got a little double nap time going on right now, I'll be kind and catch you up on a select few.

Last weekend I went down to Columbia for my sister's bachelorette party and left Ryan at home...alone...with the two boys....for the first time....overnight.  I called him Sunday morning to find out how the night went and he told me that at about 7:00 that morning he opened his eyes to find Austin in the bed next to him holding a carton of milk and a straw saying "Open daddy!"  Ryan said he quickly jumped up and ran into the kitchen to find doors and cabinets opened and the kitchen chairs rearranged and pushed up to the counters.

A few mornings later I heard Austin wake up and looked at the monitor to see him getting out of his bed.  I waited and waited to hear him start walking down the stairs but he never did.  All of a sudden I heard a "Hi Owen!" from Owen's monitor and clicked over just in time to see Austin climbing into Owen's crib while Owen was still asleep.  Let's just say he was not asleep for much longer...

One afternoon we were all watching a Clemson basketball game on TV.  There was a bad play in the 1st quarter and my dear husband verbally expressed his extreme displeasure in the situation by using a terrible phrase that I will not repeat.  I gave him a wide-eyed look and then looked to Austin to make sure he wasn't paying attention.  Whew, looked like we dodged that one.  Well, 45 minutes later we were watching the game and a bad call on Clemson had Ryan steaming again, and although he managed to hold in his frustrations a little better this time, it must have really riled up Austin because he loudly screamed the identical potty-mouthed phrase Ryan let slip almost an hour beforehand.  Lesson learned....2 year olds are ALWAYS listening.

A few days ago I was talking to my mother-in-law on the phone and changing Owen's diaper when Austin came over and brought me a jar of bare minerals blush powder.  I took it from him, said thank you, and went back to tending to Owen.  A few moments later I got up to take the blush and put it back in my makeup drawer and I walked in to see this:

And if I were to run into any trouble figuring out who the culprit was, they were sure to leave me some perfect size 9 toddler footprints as evidence.

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