August 13, 2008

He looks like his daddy! :)

Today Ryan and I went to Visions of Life Ultrasound in Piedmont, SC to have a mini photo session with baby boy Harris!! We didn't tell anyone because we wanted the pictures to be a surprise and wanted to make sure everything was ok first. Here are the adoreable pictures of our little guy at 29 weeks in the womb. He's getting so big already and we can already tell he's going to have his daddy's nose. He's also got the cutest chubby baby cheeks I think we've ever seen! (I'm not biased, I promise!) The ultrasound tech even said he detected little dimples in his cheeks.
We've also got a DVD of the whole experience which we can't wait to share with friends and family. I might try to see if there's a way I can get it online, but it's 30 minutes long so we'll have to see.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures of our little miracle! I know we sure did!


Kristy said...

Technology is amazing!!!! He looks beautiful!

Keenau said...

Yes I have to say he looks like his daddy! Going to favor the Franklin side of the family!! YEAH!!! Yes we Franklin's have Great genes!!

Nana said...

Well all I can say is He looks like Scott Franklin, he has his nose and hair line and he looks just like Scott when he was a new born...of course Scott and Ryan have always looked alot alike. I am going to find that pix of Scott and put it on here and let you see for yourself how much Baby Harris looks like my Scott...I love the pixs of him..I am truly amazed at how you can see a living baby inside of a mommie..see nothing like that was available when I was pregnant...he is a cutie pie...messing with the cord again, he is already into things...LOL LOL LOL LOL...we might have another Hyper little person on our hands...Look our Ryan Patrick, pay backs are HELL!!!! I remember those days just like they were yesterday, you was into everything....thanks for putting these pixs up I love looking at them...Take care and get some rest, you will need it in a few weeks...I can't believe it is almost time...I love you guys, Nana


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