August 12, 2008

Our Anniversary!

Yesterday was mine and Ryan's 1 year wedding anniversary! We can hardly believe it's already been that long and had no idea that by our 1 year anniversary I would already be 7 months pregnant! :) Of course, our plan was to be in St. John this week to celebrate, but baby Harris required that we bump up that trip about a month since it's not recommended you fly in your 3rd trimester.

St. John was our big anniversary gift to one another, but Ryan knew better than to walk in the house yesterday evening empty handed! :) He brought me a bouquet of lilys, my favorite flower, and a very sweet card. Shortly after he got home from work we decided to try Mimi's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. We've heard good things but hadn't ever been there before. As with most Japanese steakhouses, we left so full we could have burst, and I even brought half of mine home! Then we ran by Petsmart to get some treats for our "kids." Finally, we came home and after our food settled a bit, we got out the top of our wedding cake (which has been taking up tons for freezer space for a year!) and each had a slice. Much to our surprise, it was almost as delicious as on our actual wedding day!! Even Lucy had a little bite and seemed to agree.

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Kristy said...

Happy Anniversary!


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