August 4, 2008

A really great pregnancy book!

After reading all the medical and informative pregnancy books out there I finally decided to read one just for fun, and it turned out to be my favorite by far! I picked up Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy at Target before our trip to St. John and ended up finishing it during our 2nd afternoon on the beach. Ryan would occasionally look at me like I was a little crazy because I was constantly giggling or laughing out loud at what I read.

It was nice to finally read about a model and former playmate gaining 50 lbs. and struggling with many of the same 'not so pleasant' pregnancy symptoms that I have, and good to know that even beautiful celebrities go through these kinds of things. I really appreciated how straight forward and candid she was about her experiences and even her fears of giving birth. Not to mention, she made everything absolutely hilarious instead of scary and frightening.

So, anyone out there reading who is pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, or just curious...I totally suggest you pick up this book and have a good laugh, and at the end, a good cry!

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