August 12, 2008

I can't stop!!

I've been collecting all the baby stuff we've bought or have received from baby showers, friends & family and "displaying" it all on our dining room table until we can get the nursery finished and ready to set stuff up in. However, recently I've been so excited about our table of baby goodies that I can't seem to stop myself from going in there several times a day just to admire all the cute stuff!! Yesterday I decided to take a few pictures so I could update the blog and show off my new obsession. I just can't wait to decorate his nursery with all the neat stuff and hang all of his cute little outfits in the closet! (Lucy and Jack are intrigued by all the baby stuff as well!!)

1 comment:

Kristy said...

You've got a lot of cool stuff it looks like! I love the turtles! :)


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