November 8, 2008

Baby's Outing

On Thursday, Austin and I decided to go out and run some errands, just the two of us. We went to PetSmart first to get some food and toys for the other 3 babies at home. I had to use the stroller for the first time by myself and surprisingly it was easier than I could have imagined. I can't say enough about our amazing stroller and car seat combo by Maxi Cosi and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone out there looking for one!! Austin was great in PetSmart as I strolled him around the store all cozy in his car seat. We were only in there for a few minutes and actually ran into a woman strolling around her 6 month old twins. I was thinking to myself the whole time, "thank God we only had 1!"

After PetSmart we went to Publix for a little grocery shopping. We were just about out of food at the house because we hadn't done any grocery shopping since before Austin was born and we were all in need of a nice, hot, homecooked meal. Since I couldn't use the stroller at the grocery store and the carrier took up all the room in the shopping cart, I decided to try out the Baby Bjorn for the first time. Austin is just big enough now to fit in it and we tried it out at the house for awhile to make sure he didn't mind it. Again, it was a lot easier to manage than I thought it would be and he seemed pretty content all strapped in. The only problem we encountered was that my shirt kept getting pulled down by the weight of the carrier and with my "well-endowed" chest, poor Austin's head kept getting caught between my cleavage. I had to keep leaning forward and supporting his head with my hand to make sure he didn't suffocate in my chest! I guess I learned that in the future I need to wear tighter and higher cut tops when sporting the Baby Bjorn!

Grocery shopping was a little more difficult than the PetSmart trip and I felt anxious the entire time and terrified he was going to start screaming before I made it to the checkout line. The good thing about shopping at Publix is that their staff is always so nice and helpful!! They unloaded my cart and took my groceries to the car for me and were even happy to do so! I actually prefer Bi-Lo, but I always had to bag my own groceries there because they were always understaffed. Of course, this wasn't a big deal pre-baby!

Overall our outing went well, but of course I was stressed out the entire time and felt like our little 2 hour trip had lasted the entire day! I certainly took for granted how easy it was to get up and go before. I think from now on I may save the big grocery shopping trips to the weekends when dad is home to babysit!

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