November 5, 2008


This morning when Austin woke up I put him in the bed with me so I could feed him and we cuddle for a few minutes before we started our day. After his meal it didn't take long for him to spit up all over his outfit which made him pretty mad. I changed his clothes and we laid in bed for a few moments but he still didn't calm down. So, I leaned over him and started singing, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey..." He quieted down almost immediately and started moving his head around and looking for me. We finally made some eye contact (or as much eye contact you can hope for from a 3 week old) and I think he almost smiled (or maybe just passed some gas). Either way, it seems as if he can recognize my voice and at least to a certain extent, it soothes him. I never thought my singing could soothe anyone, but at least it will be several years before he recognizes that mommy is tone deaf!


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