November 19, 2008

Update on the sleep

It seems that once I'd reached my wits end with regards to getting Austin to sleep, things turned around almost immediately and he's been sleeping like a champ! (knock on wood!!) For the past week Austin has been sleeping at least 3 and sometimes 4 hours at a time during the night and he goes down with hardly any fuss! I started feeding him about 4.5 oz. before bedtime to make sure his tummy is nice and full, then I make sure he burps and I sit him upright in my arms for about 10 minutes to make sure his meal settles and he doesn't have problems spitting up. I feed him in our bedroom while sitting up in our bed and keep it nice and dim and play his lullaby CD to help calm him down. When it's time to put him in his crib I give him his pacifier and lay him down gently. I also turn on a noisemaker that simulates a heartbeat sound and put it beside his crib.

Sometimes he's still awake when I lay him down or he wakes up when I move him, but once I turn the lamp out and as long as the CD is still playing he will usually settle down on his own and drift off to sleep! Sometimes his pacifier falls out and he'll start to whine a little bit, but a lot of times if I leave him to whine for about 5 minutes he will eventually calm down on his own. Other times I just have to pop it back in his mouth and he's happy and calm again and goes right to sleep!

I think he's finally getting use to being out in the world and away from the womb. I can only hope this good sleeping trend lasts through the toddler years!

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