November 11, 2008

The "honeymoon" is over!

Just when I thought we were on a schedule and that Austin was going to be one of those wonderful babies who started sleeping through the night by a month old...I was proven wrong!! Just in the past several days or so we have been really struggling with bedtime. We can't keep him awake during the day and at night he's ready to take on the world! It really started getting worse this weekend and luckily I had Ryan to help out so we could both at least get a few hours of sleep. However, Sunday night Austin was determined to watch the sunrise and it's gotten so bad that Ryan has had to move upstairs to the guest bedroom in order to get some sleep so he can be rested and prepared for a long week at work.

We've tried everything we can think of to get Austin to sleep at night and even attempted the Ferber method of just letting him "cry it out" with occasional soothing. We've tried side and belly sleeping, which work to an extent except for the fact that belly sleeping is the #1 cause of SIDS and I just don't feel comfortable letting him sleep all night like that. He likes his side too, but eventually he rolls over onto his belly or back, so that is short-lived. I've even tried giving him a relaxing bath and baby massage before bedtime but it seemed to wake him up even more! The pacifier helps soothe him to sleep, but when he starts to drift off, it falls out of his mouth and he whines until I get up and pop it back in...of course then it falls out again 5 minutes later and the cycle is repeated. Last night, I fed him, read Goodnight Moon (twice) and turned on some soothing lullabies. He drifted off to sleep in my arms quickly, but an attempt to move him to his crib woke him up and we had to start over again.

He's not really a fussy baby so I don't think it's gas or colic. When he does cry we can soothe him pretty easily by holding him, changing him or giving him the pacifier. If I could stay up all night and hold him and pop in that passy every time it falls out, we'd be great...but I'm running on fumes right now and need some relief!! Does anyone have any suggestions or tried and true methods on getting a newborn to fall asleep at night? I just ordered a book from called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution"and I hope it comes in soon. I didn't think I'd have to resort to parenting books, but I'm desperate and need some advice. :)

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Anonymous said...

There are many things I use to do when I was desperate to get my babies to fall asleep. Although, some of these may not work for you or are against your beliefs I thought I would still share in hopes it will help. Try:
=Feeding him as much as he will eat before bedtime. Some parents measure out how much the baby eats in fear of overfeeding them. I didn't worry to much about this and my kids are fine.
= Try putting him in the shower with you. I found that sometimes when they were fussy just go stand in the shower with them and all of their troubles sometimes goes down the drain. Hold on to him because he will get slippery:)
= Swaddle him tight like they do in the hospital. Babies are use to being in a tight spot for 9 months.
= Some parents don't believe in this but I had a family bed. I would turn on my side and put the baby up close to me and sometimes that connection works. I also slept in the recliner many nights with a baby on my chest.
= Put him in his carseat and let him sleep in there. I use to feel like I was neglecting my baby by doing this but, he survived. Take him for a ride around the block and let him fall asleep in there and put that carrier in your room and leave him in it.
= I had one of my kids that slept in the swing until his feet hung over the edge he had to have constant motion non stop to sleep. I went through tons of batteries. He had to have the swing that goes side to side not back and forth. Move the swing in your room if need be. Oh and don't forget the music.

Girlie I hope this helps. I know exactly what you are going through. I know with the first baby you are a little scared and skepitcal about things but, I have learned that those little fellows are not as fragile as you may think they are :) I went through all of this stuff 3 times and let me tell you it was the roughest time of my life but, it does come to an end. My babies started sleeping through the night right at 6 weeks. Good luck


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