May 10, 2010

10 Things I Forgot

Tomorrow at 3:46 pm, Owen will be 1 week old!  Here are 10 things I completely forgot about giving birth and about having a newborn:

1.  I completely forgot about the intense contractions you feel AFTER the baby is born while your uterus is shrinking.  At one point I asked the nurse if she was sure there wasn't another baby in there trying to get out!  Apparently the pain is worse with your 2nd child because there's further to go.

2.  I forgot how difficult breastfeeding is, but at the same time, how rewarding and special it is as well.  I look forward to that special time we get to have to be close and bond.  There really is nothing like nursing your child.

3.  I totally forgot how exciting it is every time your newborn poops and pees for the first few days.  I am happy to report that Owen is above average in both areas which makes me thrilled to know that I am able to supply him with all the nutrition he needs!

4.  I didn't remember how hard it was NOT to hold your baby and snuggle with them 24/7.  I never want to put him down, even when he's asleep!

5.  I honestly forgot how much a newborn baby sleeps and how very little they require!  If you think having a newborn is hard, just wait until they turn 18 months!

6. I seriously forgot about those crazy postpartum hormones and mood swings.  I break down in tears every time I see a baby on TV now and I think Ryan has been walking on egg shells around me lately.  I broke down just last night because we couldn't find a tube of Vaseline....and then again when Austin wouldn't eat his peas for lunch.

7.  I can't believe I forgot how hungry nursing makes you feel.  I feel like I'm eating more now than when I was pregnant.  It's a good thing you burn a lot of extra calories while breastfeeding!!

8.  I forgot how peaceful and still a newborn baby is when he sleeps.  I put my hand on Owen's chest several times during his naps just to make sure he's still breathing!

9.  I forgot just how terrifying and exciting it is at the same time when you finally leave the hospital with your new baby.

10.  I forgot how you could be completely and hopelessly in love with and willing to give your life for someone you've only just met!

And 1 thing I did NOT forget about was the fatigue, exhaustion and total lack of sleep...
...but it's all SO worth it!!

If things continue to go as well as they have this past week, there may be a baby Harris #3 in the (very) distant future!

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Kathy said...

I'll try and remember all of these!!!! :)


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