May 28, 2010

Columbia Visit

Last weekend Ryan was in a bowling tournament in Columbia with his dad, so he dropped me and the boys off at my parents house for the afternoon to hang out.  My sister and Nick were there and Keri, Shawn & Kylie stopped by too.  It was so great to see everyone and Austin had a FANTASTIC time!!  He just adores his aunt and uncle-to-be and had the best time playing golf and swimming with his papa!  He pitched a fit when Catherine and Nick had to leave and went chasing his papa down the hall yelling "papa! papa!" every time my dad walked out of the room.

My dad must have read the blog recently because he had Austin his very own golf set waiting for him at the house.  He's still trying to get the hang of it but got some great lessons from his papa!

Something else his papa taught him was how to jump off the side and into the pool!  He LOVED this and must have done it a hundred times.  We just have to work on his jumping out instead of straight up!  He sure is one fearless boy...and it really scares me sometimes!

And of course we can't forget about sweet baby Owen...
He did really well on his first road trip and pretty much slept all day in my arms or the arms of his aunt and Keri.  No one can resist snuggling a newborn baby!

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