May 29, 2010

Making His Mark

As much as Austin loves to color/draw/make his mark on anything and everything possible....I've been trying to find new ways to let him indulge without having to clean up a huge mess afterwards.  Color Wonder has been a lifesaver and although still a bit messy...we've found that chalk wipes off fairly easily.  Here is Austin demonstrating some of these new found pleasures:

Enjoying his Color Wonder markers on the car ride to Columbia!  Also, his new car seat tray works great for coloring and for eating snacks in the car!!

Color Wonder finger paints are lots of fun too!!  Towards the end he was more interested in opening and closing the lids, but there was plenty of finger paintin' fun to be had!

He LOVES his new easel that we found at a garage sale for only $5!!  Chalk marks have randomly appeared on our carpet, coffee table and wall...but a quick wipe down was all they needed.  We also take the chalk on the driveway which is tons of fun for both Austin and mommy.  Who doesn't like to draw pretty pictures with chalk? :)

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