May 18, 2010

Austin at 19 Months

- Austin has recently decided that he is no longer interested in eating lunch.  I'm lucky if I get some applesauce and a few Teddy Grahams in his belly.

-We may have the next Tiger Woods in our midst (minus all the sexual misconduct I should hope).  Austin loves to take my hair brush and hit his toy balls around the house with it like he's playing golf.  I think it's time to get this boy some golf clubs!!

-Speaking of hair brushes, Austin steals them...all.the.time!  (See above picture) I have to hide my favorite one from him so that I have access to it when I need it.  When he steals a hair brush he either uses it as a golf club or hides it somewhere around the house.  Occasionally he uses it to brush his hair, or mine, which usually consists of him just beating me in the head with the brush...

-Austin can count to ten almost completely unassisted.  He now loves numbers even more than letters and counts everything!  This morning he was counting Owen's toes while I was feeding him. :)

-Austin is a great big brother!!  He gives Owen kisses and hugs all the time (although not always as gentle as we'd like them to be).  He also loves to bring Owen his paci and blankie whenever we've left them behind.  He tries to rock him in the swing as well...which is why I can't leave Owen in the swing when I'm not able to be at least 3 feet away or less...  Austin is still learning the words "slow" and "gentle."

-Toy cars are a new favorite.  He drives them across all the furniture as well as me and Ryan yelling "vroom, vroom!"

-I just can not keep clothes on this boy!  From the moment he wakes up he is tugging at his jammies and trying to get them off.  He then runs away and fights me when I try to get a shirt over his head.  Needless to say, most days he cruises around the house in just a diaper.

-Austin is starting to put together 2 word phrases, most have the word "go" in them.  For example:  Car go, dada go?, ball go.  He also says "ready, set, go" in his own jumbled toddler language before taking off at mach 5 speed down the hallway.

-We think Austin is going to be a lefty.  He throws and eats with his left hand most of the time.

-Jumping, running and galloping are his preferred methods of getting around.

-He's STILL obsessed with balls.  We had to buy 2 golf balls (one for each hand of course) at our neighborhood garage sale this weekend because he found them sitting in a box on the ground and absolutely would not let them go.  He even carried them to the pool later than evening until we realized that Austin + golf balls + pool full of small children = injury waiting to happen.

-Austin got his second hair cut this month after daddy's constant pressuring.  I think short hair makes him look too grown up.

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