May 25, 2010


As you can probably tell, the blog has been a bit neglected lately.  It's truly hard to find the time now to sit down at the computer for more than a couple minutes without a child attached to me!  However, both boys are currently snoozing away and my house is clean, so it's time for some me time.  Yeah, I probably should be sleeping too, but maybe I'll try that tomorrow (if I'm lucky enough for this rare occurrence to happen twice in a row)!

I do quickly want to mention something I find a little odd...

Owen lost his umbilical cord stump yesterday.  And when I say lost...I really mean lost!  We have no idea where it is and just noticed its disappearance during a diaper change yesterday evening.  The same exact thing happened with just disappeared never to be seen again!

I find it extremely odd that we never saw the umbilical cord stumps from either of our boys after they fell off.  Is there an umbilical cord fairy that I don't know about...kind of like the tooth fairy but without the money under your pillow?  I am seriously stumped!  (no pun intended)

But in any case, be on the look out for some first bath pictures any day now.  I'm thrilled we finally get to bathe the little guy in his infant bathtub!!

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