December 6, 2010

Austin's Visit With Santa

After last years meltdown at just the sight of Santa, I decided to do some prep work with Austin this year to get him ready for his third meeting with the jolly old guy.  For weeks we've been talking about Santa Claus and looking at pictures and reading books and pointing him out wherever we go.  Last night we heard the news that Santa was going to be at the Roper Mountain Lights, so we took a break from our Christmas light viewing, parked the car and decided to go test it out.

Austin was timid at first and would not immediately sit on Santa's lap, but this particular Santa was very nice and calm and talked with Austin and got him talking back.  Before we knew it, Austin was on his lap and they were just a chatting away!  Austin asked him for, you guessed it, more cars, and then told him about everything he was looking at around him.  He told Santa that we were his mommy, daddy and baby Owen and that he saw a camera and lights who knows what else!

So, looks like the 3rd times a charm.  I call this trip a success!


Keri said...

Is he pointing at you saying that's my mommy? That is so adorable! :)

Kathy said...

What a sweet memory!


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