December 7, 2010

Rave Review - Lindsay Alexander Photography

Between our engagement pictures, my bridal portrait, the wedding photography, the boys newborn photos, and several other family portrait sessions we've had in the past few years, we've come into contact with a lot of photographers.  While we've enjoyed our time with each one and loved all the great photos, 2 weeks ago we had, hands down, the best photography experience to date with my new favorite photographer, Lindsay Alexander.

Lindsay and I attended the same high school, but we actually "met" though the world of blogging.  She has a little boy just a month younger than Austin and we had been following each others blogs since early on.  I was so excited for her when she announced that she was starting her own photography business and when I saw the wonderful images she was able to capture, I just couldn't wait to schedule her to do pictures for me and my family.  Not only does she have talent with a camera, but she's got an amazing "eye" for photography and a wonderful personality that makes working with her a true pleasure.  I felt that she honestly enjoyed her time with us and she was so helpful and sweet with our boys!!  Austin was a huge fan and loved looking for the little "birdie" in her camera lens and doing "jump shots" off her wooden box!

I also have to mention that her business and the way she does things is so detailed and professional that it completely blew me away.  A few weeks before our scheduled shoot she sent us a packet in the mail with loads of great info, advice and a reminder card for our upcoming shoot.  Two weeks after our shoot, our images were done, and I received another package in the mail which included all our pictures on CD, a DVD slideshow, print release and a sweet thank you card handwritten by Lindsay herself.  To top it all off, everything was packaged so beautifully!

So, extraordinary talent, wonderful customer service, professional and detailed'd think we spent a fortune, right?  Wrong.  The icing on the cake is that Lindsay Alexander Photography is versatile and very affordable!  Some photographers have gotten really out of hand with their pricing it seems, but Lindsay assured me that she would never charge for her services, more than she could personally afford.  That right there is a big reason why I know we will continue to use Lindsay for all our photography needs in the future and why I will strongly recommend her to everyone I know!

Ok, now without further ado, here are a few of our pictures from our most recent experience with Lindsay Alexander Photography!

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