December 12, 2010

Fa La-La La-La

I'm a little late with this post, but a couple weeks ago we put up our Christmas lights.  Owen and I decorated the inside during Austin's nap and Austin and I helped daddy outside during Owen's naps.  Ok, I'm not sure how much we really helped daddy, but we at least supervised (and Austin did do a little hammering).

We have a tradition of going shopping right after Christmas for discounted decorations and always adding those new items to the next years display.  My favorite after-Christmas find from last year is this sign right here:

Growing up we used to have a sign outside our house saying "Santa Stop Here" and I always loved that sign.  I was thrilled when we found this one at Target for 75% off last year!

Austin grabbed the hammer and worked hard putting that sign in the perfect place.

Owen worked hard, too.  You know it's hard work looking this cute!

And the final product!  Isn't it festive?

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