December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Fun

If you are very detail-oriented or a perfectionist, I have a tip for you...DON'T try to assemble a gingerbread train with a 2 year old who has a serious sweet tooth!  If, however, you are just looking for a fun activity for you and your toddler and do not care about the final outcome of your gingerbread train, go for it, it's a mess but a lot of fun!

Seriously, we had a blast trying to make this thing and Austin was in heaven with bags of bite-sized candy at his disposable.  It was 2 for him and 1 for the train!  I'm just surprised the thing is still standing after Austin's not-so-gentle decorating skills and constant tasting and removal of edible parts and icing.

I gave up trying to make it look nice after about, oh, the first minute.  I'm not going to enter it into any gingerbread train making contests or anything, but considering the situation (and the fact that one of the "designers" was a 2 year old), I think it turned out alright.

Notice how Austin's "gentle touch" makes the entire engine collapse...

It's way more fun to try to eat the candy right off the train. 

Austin is very proud of his gingerbread train.  
He says "I make train!" every time he spots it on the kitchen counter.

A mouth full of gumballs, candy canes, sweet tarts and icing.  
To that little boy it was like Christmas come early!

**This final photo will also serve as my future reminder to suck it up and just go ahead and pay for a professional to cut Austin's hair instead of trying to do it myself.  Or, at least wait until there is another adult in the house to hold him down so he can't get up and run away before I can get his bangs straight and trim up that mullet in the back.  I guess it will grow out...right?

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