February 4, 2011

9 Months!

Owen is 9 months old today, and what a perfectly sweet little 9 month old I have!  Sometimes I wish I could freeze him at this exact age for just a little while longer.  His personality is really starting to emerge and he's getting to be so fun and interactive, but at the same time he's still my cuddly little baby who likes to be held and snuggled.  I feel like he's really grown up in the past couple weeks and I think this is going to be a very busy month.  But, what new has happened at 9 months?  Let me tell you...

-  Owen, like his big brother, doesn't hold still for too long!  He is crawling at light speed, pulling up on everything and cruising around fearlessly.  

-He loves to mess with the DirecTV box, phones, remote controls...and shoes!?  Why shoes?  I have no idea, but if there is a shoe anywhere in his line of sight he'll grab it in a matter of seconds!

-Still wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

-Taking 2 good naps a day and sleeping about 12 hours at night.

-Goes to sleep completely on his own now.  He doesn't even want to be held or rocked anymore.  As soon as we walk into his bedroom and he realizes what time it is, he's ready to get down, pop his thumb in his mouth and go to sleep!

-Still a thumb sucker, but only when he's tired.

-Taking 4-5 bottles and eating 3 meals a day.  We're still mainly on purees, but he's also tried fresh banana slices, peas, goldfish crackers, mandarin oranges, cheese, sweet potatoes, peaches, pasta and toast.

-Says ma-ma, ba-ba and bye-bye.  Owen has always been on the quiet side, but has certainly started coming out of his shell here lately.  When he whines, he whines for ma-ma and when he sees his bottle he says ba-ba.  We're working on da-da, but no luck just yet.

-He's started to let us know when he's mad or frustrated by yelling and squealing.  I find it adorable!

-Wants to play with whatever his big brother is playing with!  This has caused a few fights and many a talk about sharing, but we seem to be making some progress.  Owen gets so excited to see Austin in the mornings and when everyone is calm and rested they do play pretty well together!

-Owen loves his mama!  When we play on the floor together he is constantly in my arms, lap or pulling up on me and trying to get my attention in any way possible.  He follows me around the house and if I walk outside the baby gate he climbs on the gate and "calls" for me until I come back.  If Austin's in the room, Owen directs a little more of his attention towards his big brother

-Owen loves the tv and is completely mesmerized by it.  I think he would sit and watch an entire 30 min. show if I let him!  Due to his obsession, I rarely watch tv while he is awake.  We turn it on in the mornings while everyone is still waking up and late evenings before dinner, but that's about it.

-Still a drooling machine!  Poor guy has been cutting teeth forever it seems and has another handful on the way in.  His 4 top and 2 bottom are in all the way but we're going to see another bottom one any day now.  I can see 3 more on their way down as well.

-The best word to describe Owen is content.  He rarely gets upset and I hardly ever hear him cry.  Even when he wakes up at night, he wakes up talking, not crying.

-Owen is such a sweet, happy, loving little boy.  Just looking at his sweet face makes me smile and warms my heart.  I didn't think I could love him anymore than on the day he was born, but I find my heart expanding each and every day.  He is such a blessing, and even though many days I wish he would stay this age forever, I truly can not wait to continue to watch him learn and grow and document each and every wonderful month.

I love you, Owen. Happy 9 months!!


Keri said...

Precious!! I just love him!!!

Tiffany {SITSGirls} said...

What a cutie.

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