February 22, 2011


It stands for "Photographers Anonymous"

And I might need to sign myself up, because 


I'm 100% addicted to taking pictures of my kids!!

Whew, I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest!

Obviously, since we've been spending a lot more time outside these days I've taken the opportunity to use this beautiful natural light and snap picture after picture after picture.  I can't help it, in my opinion I have two of the greatest subjects around!

But anyway, I actually went upstairs and pulled down some of Austin's old summer clothes for Owen to wear this morning and it was so exciting looking through the giant tub at all the cute things that were ready to be worn again.  I'm pretty sure the overalls I dressed him in today were maybe worn once (if at all).  Just another reason I'm SO happy to have had another boy who can get use out of all the clothes we bought!  Finally, I can dress Owen like the picture perfect baby boy that he is.  Poor little guy had been wearing nothing but size 6 month onesies and baby legs for the past few days because I wasn't sure this warm weather was here to stay, and I didn't want to drag down all the boxed up clothes and have them just sit there when the temps dropped back down to normal for this time of year.  I'm convinced now that Spring is here and I'm very happy that I only have to buy a new wardrobe for one of my boys (and boy does he need it, ASAP)!

So, we spent a good part of the morning outside playing today, something we've done a lot of lately.  I think it was close to 75 degrees at 11am.  Add in two small children with bundles of energy to chase after and I was actually working up a sweat...in February!  It was awesome.  We were all having a blast.

The cutest thing had to be when I put Owen in Austin's Cozy Coupe.  Austin got the classic red and yellow car for his 2nd birthday and (sorry Mimi and Papa) was just never really that interested in it.  I mean, he liked for me to push him around in it every once in awhile and he liked to push the empty car around the yard himself sometimes, but that was about it.  However, we discovered a new use for it today, one that involves both Austin and Owen....together!

I put Owen in the car to see what he thought and Austin just acted like it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen.  He decided to push Owen in that car ALL over the yard for at least 20 minutes non-stop.  Owen just sat there, gripping the steering wheel, and enjoyed the ride while Austin pushed that car until he was out of breath and red in the face!  When he finally got tired, Austin tried to get in the car with Owen and told me to push them both around!  Ok, so that didn't end up working, but it didn't matter, because Austin realized that pushing Owen around was still way for fun than riding by himself.

So don't worry Mimi and Papa, it looks like that little car is going to get a good bit of use after all!!

"Scoot over Owen, big brother needs a rest.  Pushing your 20 lb. heiny all over the yard isn't as easy as it looks!"

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