February 25, 2011

I LOVE it!

Dinners out in our family are always eventful these days.  After going to Toys R Us this evening to take back a pair of shoes, we ended up spending an hour in the store and leaving with about $50 worth of toys.  Totally not my fault either.  I picked up some Baby Mum-Mum, bubbles and crayons while Ryan, on the other hand, just had to buy Austin another monster truck and some wooden Cars (as in the movie, Cars) that can go on his train table.  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it on the blog before, but Austin is absolutely crazy about that movie!  I mean, what would you expect from a little boy who sleeps with his matchbox cars?  I've got a whole other blog post about Austin's love for the movie Cars, but I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, so after leaving Toys R Us, we sanitized out hands...twice...and then went down the street to Olive Garden for dinner.  I was seriously craving some soup, salad and breadsticks.  (Quick FYI-soup, salad and breadsticks costs almost $10 at dinner time, compared to $6 for lunch.  I was unaware of this.  So not cool, Olive Garden!)  So, as usual, Austin was starving come dinner time. He's getting his 2nd set of molars in right now, all 4 of them, and will barely eat during the day but is completely starved by 6:30.  We had to wait about 5-10 minutes for our table and he couldn't stop talking about how excited he was to eat dinner.  When we finally sat down he looked over the the table next to us and hollered "I going to eat dinner!!" with some serious enthusiasm.  They gave him a quick smile and then went back to eating.

So, our server came to our table a few minutes later and, while very nice, she obviously didn't have any kids or was just new and unexperienced at the whole waitressing thing.  Over the course of dinner she put a hot bread plate, glass of water, salad bowl and pitcher of water on the table directly in front of Owen.  I'm talking like less than 6 inches away from him.  And this little boy is like an octopus y'all, he's all arms and they're quick and come out of nowhere!  I have to say, if it wasn't for my go-go gadget arms and mommy reflexes, it would have been a total disaster.

But back to my starving 2 year old...
After waiting for what seemed like forever, (and as a parent of 2 hungry kids out in public, any waiting time seems like forever) our salad and bread finally came.  Our server put the salad down, in front of Owen of course, and after I saved it from ending up on the floor next to our table, Austin started yelling, "Yay Yay Yay, salad, I love it!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!"  Now I have never heard Austin talk about any food with that much excitement, especially salad!  Ryan and I were laughing pretty hard and even our server let out a chuckle.

So, Austin proceeded to eat about 15 croutons, a breadstick and half of his ravioli.  When we were almost done the server came back to clear some things away from the table.  Austin kept pushing dishes towards her and saying "clean this up!"  Oh my gosh...I was so embarrassed.  Here was my two year old son bossing around an adult like it was nothing.  I could totally tell she was a bit annoyed, too.

We were finally getting ready to go and when we got our check back Austin said, "thank you, bye bye, see you later, I'm getting down now."  Hopefully his polite goodbye made up for the fact that he was ordering her to clean our table earlier in the evening.  Then, with belly poking out of his shirt, he decided to limp past a room full of customers waiting for a table and all the way out the door and to the car.    Lets just say we got a few stares...

Kind of random, but while we're on the topic of Austin's belly, the boy wakes up in the morning with a stomach as flat as a board and you can actually see his ribs poking out, but as soon as he eats a meal he starts to look like he's got a pot belly!  I've asked our doctor about this several times because the difference in size is almost alarming...like his shirt will fit fine when he wakes up, but after breakfast it's too short!  Our doctor said it's fine and normal, but I still think it's a bit odd.  Even my friends and family have noticed how in some pictures he looks slim and others he looks a bit chubbier.  He's been the same weight for 6 months now, but just has this "bloated" look after he eats.  I don't get it.  I just hope I don't have to dress him in baggy clothes all the time when he finally goes to school.

And since all posts are better with pictures, here's a picture of Owen sitting on the couch, hard at work.

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